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Or are you mostly just doing all the talking? I'm curious. Always, I like to be as interactive and engaging as I possibly can. I get a different if I'm actually presenting content and then okay, I'll take your questions. I love to use the different softwares or variety of them out there. I use ecom for max. There's StreamYard streamy over all that. So you can put the commenters to other comments up on the screen. I love seeing their name up there on the screen. And it's just so much fun. I love to engage with them. And I always like to stay their first name and a really compliment people and maybe ask where they're from. And what questions they have? And how can I help them? And I honestly just said this for years and especially for the last two years, there's no amount of sophisticated technology that can never take the place of these live and in person events, but the next best thing is video and live video. So wonderful to create that intimacy and connection with your audience. Okay, audio, audio rooms. Talk about audio rooms because this is kind of fascinating. It is indeed so interesting when Facebook brought out this live audio rooms as the name of the product. Back in around April of 2021, it seemed to me, Mike, I'm not sure how you felt about the announcement. It seemed to me that it was very much in response to the wildly popular Clubhouse a 100%. It's like practical perfect copy, right? And then they're like, oh no, no, we've been working on this for like the past year or two. Yeah, right. Right. So but then, of course, you know, the popularity of Clubhouse seems to have waned. It's kind of plateaued a little bit. There's the die hard fans. A lot of people still going crazy over it. And yeah, I see Facebook's trucking away here with this live audience rooms. I recently got it in my groups and I could really see a very good use case for just a game creating that more intimate connection having a good conversation where it's multi ways like a community conversation as opposed to I'm just talking to them in kind of like how we do in post. Yeah, it's so cool because you don't have to be camera ready, right? Yeah, exactly. 100%. You could do the same thing with live video that you do with live audio, but just talking, right? Totally. But it requires other people to talk as well because that's the important part. There is no chat, right? So it's just talking. Oh, wait, no, stop the press. The cool thing of what Facebook's done with these live audio rooms is it creates a post on your wall, whether it's your profile page or group. And on that post, you can have people type questions. They don't have to talk. Right, but I don't remember those questions like popping up like they do in the light. No, no, no, no, they won't be featured on the little audio player. You have to kind of remember to go back over there and look at them, right? But it is pretty cool and it's a great way to kind of almost create a live podcast. That's true. I've been very excited with it and I know Mark Zuckerberg has been using it a lot, hasn't he? Yeah, he has, I've seen him bring in all kinds of different guests. And initially, like, way back months ago, I saw numerous pretty high level celebrities like Lindsey Stirling, the violent player. People like that, huge rappers, gamers, and doing really well with it. But in our industry, Mike, I have not seen a whole big uptake and I'm just wondering if it's still so new that the audience members are like, what's this how do I participate? Well, there's a lot of competition, right? You've got Twitter spaces, you've got Clubhouse, even though they've got hundreds of thousands of rooms that happen today over there on Clubhouse, believe it or not. It still is an active alternative and you've got all these other platforms. I want to mention podcast and I know you don't have a podcast, but I can speak at least from my perspective having added both of my podcasts to our Facebook page. What's cool is Facebook automatically publishes the podcast on Facebook and publishes it to the feed. Yes. I don't have to do anything. And what's cool is you can listen to podcasts now on Facebook and you can shut down the app and just like a regular podcast player and listen to it. I don't know if you've heard anything more about it than what I just said, but I'm kind of excited as a new distribution platform for podcasters. I think it's brilliant. And like I mentioned earlier, there's 9 different ways and that is actually number 9 is the podcast. And if anybody you're listening, if you've got a podcast, definitely get it over hooked up onto your Facebook page because that's free visibility. They have that nifty little feature where people can also take clips. You can choose to enable it or not. But somebody's listening to 45 minute podcasts and they hear a two minute clip. Oh my God, I want to share this clip with my audience. They can totally do that. So it's a really clever feature. There's a chance some people are listening to us on Facebook right now. Yes, I love it. Mari, if people want to follow you or find out more about some of the services and products that you have available, where do you want to send them? Well, gosh, you can go to my Facebook page for sure at Maurice Smith, Mark Schmidt dot com and you mentioned the beginning of my Facebook organic marketing masterclass, which is F bomb. I named it that way in purpose, so they could go to Mario smith dot com slash FBO MM all lower case. Oh, right. Awesome. Thank you so much for coming on for the tenth time. Yay. My pleasure. And Sharon all your insights with us. We really appreciate it. You bet. 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