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It's on the radio. Jim what pecan people call you about? Well, rob they can call in and ask bankruptcy question sets, my area of expertise, if they are facing foreclosure chapter thirteen can be a way of reinstating the mortgage and allowing them to pay their mortgage payments in arrears overtime, or in certain circumstances modified that mortgage if they have problems because of a failed business or a failing business there are chapters designed to allow them to reorganize and save their business and keep people employed. A lot of people don't know that under certain circumstance. Dances income taxes, for example, or discharge -able. And there are a host of other debts that are forgivable or discharge under the bankruptcy code. Okay. Kim. Thank you so much. I'm sure you'll get calls. My name's rob Solomon sitting in for Tom Olsen. You have a couple of lines open right now. Eight four four to two zero nine six five eight four four to two zero nine six five. Let's take our first call and that is Larry. Hello, larry. What can I do for you? Good morning. My son. Owns a home as an individual, and he's contemplating selling the home and using the equity to purchase a new home in conjunction with his girlfriend. They would both be on the mortgage and presumably on the title. My question is what what should he do to address this issue? Does it need to take any particular proactive entrance? Well, I mean, the whole notion is has a certain amount of risk involved in it. Because of the fact that there he's she is a girlfriend, not a wife, and so they're getting on deed and taking on a financial responsibility. Together that is not in a sense anticipated by Florida law, and so once she gets on the deed. If things go sour, and that sometimes happens, we now have a situation where she's on the deed, and she's also on the mortgage, and assuming that that people are not cooperating at that point. We have a problem. I don't know how you can potentially. Do anything about that problem except to recommend caution in in setting it up that way, I a document or anything that that will solve that problem in part because his a third party involved, which is the mortgage company as far as they're concerned. They now have to people that are responsible for the mortgage. They're not going to be that willing to let park person number two off the mortgage. The mortgage company is not going engage in any preliminary discussions about things that could get you out of this relationship, and it all working out. So I think caution should be discussed, and maybe it should be in your son's name. If that's how it's working. And of course, getting alone might necessitate putting her on the mortgage as well. Okay. Thanks very much. Thank you. Most welcome calling dangerous situation to be in even if you go to the altar and promised to love somebody forever. Eventually things might go sour and having to divide up that property is a real issue. Yup. All right. Let's take our next call and that is Barbara. Hello, barbara. What can I do for you? Hello. I have a question about copywriting, how difficult is it? And is it terribly expensive? Well, I'm not a copyright attorney. Jim, I don't think that's an area that you practice in either is a specialized area of the law, and there are a couple of law firms around Orlando that specialize in it. But okay can tell you that generally it's not that expensive depending upon what your copy writing as a matter of fact, you might just look it up. You might be able to copyrighted, you know, yourself by following some procedures, but I don't know that much about copyright law. And I would suggest you consult with an attorney that does so.

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