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We got jemaine Pratt and then we went inside which we call it from the. The Ravens. This guy was smashed Barnes Josh Bond, so I think now that they're. They're okay like. Let's get after like no matter what in teams won't be able to pigeonhole them. And I'm guessing. The bengals probably had that conversation with him for him to even be like that for him to even take that leap of faith, and say okay, I'm, GonNa lose twenty pounds you. Type of condition. Year. In a room and say hey, look, this is what we want from you this. We think we can get your numbers up. This is how we think we can get your precious number. What do you think about that? And I think that was the plan, so let's see how it plays out. I think I think you're totally right. I think that they have a plan behind that for sure I'm so. As I wonder when the Color Russ Borough Jerseys will ship. Does anyone know so edge? You guys have seen I've gotten some good compliments on. It I ordered this Joe Borough, Jersey I believe it was April thirtieth it took two months for it to get here. Basically a little under two months I ended up getting it on the tenth of June but the thing is with covert and everything. Going on is going to slow down the process, but I mean I originally received I? Think like a date of like. Or something like that. I knew that wasn't going to be true. So just stay tuned, and if you have any further questions, concerns, Andrew, you can always reach out to the phonetic support twitter account. I think actually have their link in the bio of this video description of this video, so you can check with them, and you can give them your actual order number in the let you. You Know Hey, it's shipped or win. They expected arrival. Date is, but what essentially happens is receive all these orders, so they're probably producing the JOE. Borough jerseys themselves in then once they get it from their supplier. The ship it out to us so if you have that. If you have your order number, you can check it there with them. On fanatics on twitter, you can also log in. There's a section where you can actually search your order number and put it in. There think it just requires our email in your order number. They let you know whether it's been processed. Shipped are so on so forth when they get ready to ship it. You know because you'll get an email. And that's your order is on its way, and like Zim, said the last time that we talked about this. They shift pretty fast. As soon as they said that I had the Jersey within three days of actually. They said that it was going to be here on Thursday. It actually came Wednesday so. So for me. It was actually pretty fast. I've actually had to people. Message me that use are fanatics linked to, and they got their t Higgins Jersey this week to I. Think I might have posted it on my story. If you guys follow me on Instagram. Oh, I'm I may have not posted yet, but I think I'm about to, but if you guys were interested in the t Higgins Jersey has been like I had. Two people confirmed that they received those, but I don't have the answers for the job rural Colorado, but there is a live chat from fanatics that you can google or Yeah no problem I am jail so. Before we get out of here. I. Don't know Zim if there was anything that you had. Less to talk about, but before what do you think about having cook? What do you think about that and cook? That's one. A great thing we could talk about Davin Cook if you guys haven't heard is pretty much saying that he's going to hold out. That is very big news. Because when you look at that draft, I feel like Daven cooked in Joe, makes are going to forever be tied together because if you remember. When the Bengals were on the clock, they ended up trading down. I'm Devin Cook was there and Joe Mixing, so they traded down and made it clear. Clear that their guy was Joe Mixing. They call Mike Zimmer. His guy was down. Cook made or Trey Daven Cook was taken. Joe Mixon was taken now these both guys that should have been taken in the first round and my opinion, Davos. Cook and Joe Mixed. They were great talents. They were some of the best players in that draft, however, with both of them, having character concerns that moved them down to the second round, so their fates were Kinda. Kinda forever tied with each other and you're talking about Gaza. All pro caliber running backs dies at you. Know might be in everyone's top ten top fifteen depending on how you look at it I think they're both in the top ten, but I think that this is interesting, because when you look at when people do extensions and stuff like that, it's always based off of guys that were drafted around the same time Gaza had similarity concerns and when I. I I think we I talked about this whole process. That's why I felt like they were gonNA base. His deal off of was Davin cooked unaffected, Devon. Cook is hold on now seems that kind of flip-flop, but the weird thing is is that I'm not sure who is represented AVOCA. Because I was a huge Democrat fan when he was at Florida state by the way I wanted to take GonNa lie, nothing against Joe Mix it all just. That guy but. I think that he played himself like I like I kind of have said before with when the Joe Mixing Stuff Kinda came out I think he's playing the wrong game. Just because the new CBA basically states that you really can't hold out like you can't hold out, but you're not gonNA. You'RE GONNA basically be in the same situation again next year. so from that standpoint. I think that it's interesting to see what happens like. He's going to be the first person to Kinda testicles, waters and I think Joe Mixon is definitely going to be like monitoring this situation to see what happens, but I think it's a may be a bad thing for us because the bengals. Those guys set the market so when it's like Julio Jones in Aj Green. They let that I guy, get signed, and then you generally see after de. They're like okay. We know what the parameters are. We're going to give you something similar. To this person, but they don't have net. Debt almost in a sense kind of scares me, so we'll have to see we're not goes, but I think that it is going to be something interesting I'm by that. She brought that up Zain. What are your thoughts on Davin Cook? Holding up the like you said with the new CBA. I just don't see any way to. Anybody can hold out the only thing I could see him doing this insurance his health by like sitting out as much as you can't Ota's everything like that. They're already probably talking about scrapping. If not all the preseason probably scrapping to preseason games anyway, so hypothetically, these guys probably aren't even come out to season one. Until week one but I don't see a situation where doubt McCook is going.

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