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Been good everyone has had a good time the dads. I have enjoyed themselves. And it's just it's been a good setup. Staying around the corner country music hall of fame. They all enjoyed yesterday had a song written for for each of the dads as they went through pretty neat time. So I'm ashville is a special place and a really neat place to come to the dads trip. So it's been good so far. So that's I mean talk a little bit about the dead trip. Obviously is one of the more unique things that these hockey teams. Do you get your dad you roll on a road trip with them? And so you've got all the dads that what what they've been doing in Nashville other than going to the country music thing. Other than going up and down Broadway tutsies spent about it, but knowing all seriousness that's coming from all over Patrick Emma stance coming all the way from Sweden, of course. Mckinnon's is here. Mattiello's dad coming in from California with the coaches Jerry Bednarz dad coming down from Scotland telling us as you'll hear coming up that he's making a point to the Jared brother as well. Coming up in Calgary a little bit later. So everyone's had a good time. And they're they're enjoying the very unique, nightlife as far as music goes. Yeah. Your music city, but they've enjoyed some meals together. Of course, everyone's on the same plane together. It's a it's a pack. Charter bet we'll be the cases welcome back to Denver tonight. I it just been fun to seaport. Oh, just the pride at morning skate. Here this morning. We sat with all the dads as their sons were on the ice skating. Any just they looked like that's who we're proud of their kids as eight and ten year old kids out there on the ice in their first couple of years playing hockey. It was just a cool thing to see some of them. Even though their sons have been at this a long time. Realization coming together with all the other fathers that this is a special thing that they're they're they're kids are the top one percent of the one percent of all hockey players on planet earth knew it was kind of a cool moment to have all of them together. Watching other sons on the ice this morning, and they'll watch their second game in a row as they watch the stars on Saturday, but they'll do it from a sweet here Bridgestone arena tonight in Nashville Nashville predators. What we're didn't almost ridiculous to the point. Now eleven straight regular season meetings between these two that the prince have one. So I mean, if you could point to one thing tonight for the absence snapped at slump. I mean what what is it? Or who is it? I read that streaks. All streaks have all kinds ended eleven so that's good news for the. Coming into tonight. They haven't won here Bridgestone in five games eleven over on the regular season. But I think for the last time they were in this building or members game five all over the place. So call by Mark mosier in this very chair. I am not worthy to be sitting in this chair right now. They need needed channel. And we'll talk about that coming up, but there's some lineup changes that Jerry vetnar has made with specific reasons in mind and ghetto is back in the lineup after missing to get real Bork. We'll be back into lineup after missing three. And that's because they both had massive series. Versus these.

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