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The its tail yeah mercilessly travis espn la we haven't heard from in a minute oh who is for mr ball mister ball ball tomba he got better now yet he magic actually was asked a question about whether or not he's going to have to tell the varda jill out in whatever and magic responded this quote from johns no i think that we we talked to rob and i have a good relationship with lavar he wanted to have updates on his son we wanted to tell them how we felt lonzo's performing so we're able to really have positive communication you have to understand that our main concern is lonzo that is who we are going to spend most of the time talking to but we only had two conversations with bar lavar and they're both good and we moved on i don't have to monitor lavar he loves his son and cares about his son and wants his son to be better and that's what we want we wanted to be better so i'm not gonna monitor him is it a matter of they don't have to monitor him or is it the lavar was everywhere marcellus you could turn on the television the radio the computer anywhere and not see lavar ball pop up somewhere and never mind by lavar standards we haven't heard a peep from him and seemingly couple of months no we have and i put that on the media for many reasons one he's just not a new story so it's like all right i wanna hear that unless he says something that is even more controversial that think he's out of the controversial lane right now it seemed like that was something that he wanted to do make noise make hoopla get attention and he did just that and maybe now that's not the play maybe you're saying more conventional things that's not a story and you're not a player and now we just talking to a father over player that you notice who gets attention that's not the player you gotta step over that line typically to get that attention.

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