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Barossa valley a renowned worn producing region seventy five kilometers from Adelaide. Lyda grocer admitted he had made this report while highly intoxicated, and that it was based on nothing more than he's iron theory. Hey into friend prosecuted for making the false allegation. Following a report that the Beaumont children were being held captive by man and woman at home, uncle Nogues, esplanade the home Assad squad right at several houses in the area. The found in our trice of the children the man who made the report admitted was a law driven out of spot the couple he had falsely reported as the Beaumont's captors where actually he's a strange to off and two new boyfriend. After Melbourne-based news pipe out the truth published unostentatious story declaring by Mont children to still be alive. Multiple witnesses client to of Saint a mean fitting the description of the prime suspect driving a green Ford utility truck along the hallway between not alight. And melvin. The witnesses stated the man had to goes. And boy in the back. However, given the amount of tone that had passed between the alleged Saudi send the witness statements police mostly discounted think says on related to the KYW's. The media speculated the perpetrator could have taken the Beaumont children as far as New Zealand as no poss- ports were required to travel between the two countries that the tone. Pitches and descriptions of Jane, honor and grant was sent to New Zealand. Authorities with advice to remain on high alert. As summits impact resident reported saying three children walking along Bantry road, a residential suburban straight with links to mostly straight.

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