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Bye bye for c b as is the number to get on the vans with guy ever i am obviously enviro so the vegas golden knights tonight a big night rhythm in sentence added by of member as they reveal their team not done yet but they've done a lot of selections throughout the night prodi award shows been taking place at the tmobile arena so far the biggest names for vegas is james neel of the predators so calvin that card as i got it played for the adb's i danke add their goalie went down varlamov and then they let him play like most that azizan you know it was tough autumn this year he's not a bad young goalie it's just the numbers look bad because colorado suffolk here bread but he had some big moments sure he play well for them he said like a shadow record forwards william carrier what do you think i am i i liked the pick he's a young guy twenty two years old saw lob um know our buffalo cody kenny's dallas ray yet just so that guy from the panthers he's a great player thirty goals that's a good get for them they got the biggest cheer in the crowd because he's right now you could probably say looking at who they have he's probably the most talented players so far james meals their biggest name so far marsh assault their most talented playmaker paul get in i know nothing about him thomas no sick upbraid mcnabb be seen him play with the kings he came out in a new jersey he was actually there and the czech what's her name.

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