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So she lives in new orleans. She has a house in new orleans. And it's in the lower garden district. It's this like mansion that was built in the eighteen fifties and it's basically like a haunted house like filled with just antiques old. Oil paintings are moore's velvet furniture upholstered mini bars. All of these things right and it's this thing that she's constantly working on like fixing the foundation the ceiling the wiring. You know there's always something to do with the house right like she's a deeply weird person in a way that like i got to go to new orleans. Spent some time at her house. We spent like three days together which was also something that was way more generous than she. Or the publicist. Publicist obviously did not negotiate that or want that. I don't think she was like very very down to just kind of like invite me into her home. And show me around new orleans. And so i got to really spend a lot of time with her and really kind of understand. You know the person that i think she is that she doesn't really get to show on screen in these personas that she plays. I can't wait to go more. We will be right back with.

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