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Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about who you are. Okay sure my name is pam montana. I live in danville california which is in the east bay kind of near san francisco. Pam sixty six. She spent decades working as a tech executive most recently at intel. She's married with two daughters and has seven grandkids and she also loves to travel. I actually have a map behind me that you can't see but there are little pin marks on every country of vin and. I just really love to travel. I can't see the pins. Yeah yeah. That's why i mean there's way more but i really everywhere manila malaysia brazil. I mean china japan. You know i'm very happy. Upbeat person. A very strong faith around five years ago. Ham was diagnosed with early onset. Alzheimer's she. I realize something wasn't quite right at a work meeting. I remember very clearly. The first moment that i knew something was wrong and at intel. We have obviously a lot of technology. Updates it's technology company in my part of my job as a leader in the organization was to share the latest updates and on on fridays. That's when we got our updated training from corporate. And so initially. I would just grab a couple notes right. Just like some highlighted things. So that i could remember what to talk to. And then around that time i'd literally had to write down word for word what they were telling me because i like to say it wasn't sticking my brain couldn't handle it anymore. Do you remember how you felt when you were diagnosed. It was not good. I mean it was devastating. And quite frankly i thought maybe i was just going to kind of fade away pretty quickly but thankfully for me. I haven't even though. Pam still has a lot of her memory. It will continue to slip away and she's grasping for something that can helper. I need more time. That is really what all of us with this disease need. We need more time with our family with our friends with our grandchildren. I i. i've got a my youngest grandchild is one years old. His was last week and my oldest is thirteen..

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