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Hey i just found out about this. New service. And i are using it a week. Two weeks ago in last week helped me make three hundred hundred dollars more. So i was i was i am a driver but i was kind of pretending that i use this product and it really helped me And to drive traffic to the page and so as people landed on the page. I just wanted to see kind of what the funnel metrics looked like an kind of tests in the experiment that set up and what that experiment was was a landing page where people would come. They would sign up then they would be sent to. Ab tested pricing page to pay for certain set of features and then after On the success page it would say hey sorry on unfortunately were actually Actually underdevelopment but if you're committed driver fill out this survey and the survey was really a play Within a week five hundred drivers signed up over one hundred of them filled out the survey and just rope essays about their problems. Their proposed solutions their strategies. They're getting free market research from all the from all the drivers right there exactly and so it was. It was extremely validating and there are so many hypotheses that i had that were where i found out that i was either on the right direction. My thinking there but others were. I was completely off base and that experiment just really set a strong foundation for helping me understand is like hey monty something here but here's where my arrows was pointing now. I kind of have a more refined direction of where to how to think about this platform to build. And so that's where that is Kind of how good wise came to be. Was that initial kind of experiment. And then over time we i ended up. I knew i had to. I was kind of the the business person i needed to balance. Find a co-founder technical co founder. Who would balance out. My skill sets As were would go in in endeavoring to building offer company which i had never done before and so i was just trying to talk to everybody. I was new to pittsburgh. I had no network there so i needed to make sure that everyone knew that ryan greene was looking for technical co founder. And that was what i was doing and so in my class specifically did you do that. How did you get the word out. Because that's something that i think would be very helpful for people to know how you did. Yeah you know. It was the risk quite a bit of any type of startup event. That was happening. I was most likely. They're what i what i also did as i hired. I contacted a virtual assistant to curate events for.

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