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Growing gridlock. Matt Bigler KCBS say more from special report Goto, KCBS radio dot com. We now know the name of the man who was killed in a motorcycle crash following a chase Tuesday. He was thirty six year old Jose Vargas from San Francisco CHP says that a CPA officer tried to stop Vargas Tuesday morning on the bay bridge for speeding and for not having his license plate displayed orchestra away. And then crashed his bike into a box truck. No one else was hurt during the chase. With a crash in San Francisco pedestrian is at a hospital with life threatening injuries after being hit by a vehicle yesterday morning. That's going to say that the crash happened at about nine o'clock at the visit aero and so two streets in the lower Pacific Heights neighborhood. The driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with investigators a scooter company that was kicked off the streets of San Francisco last year seems to be pulling an and run now KCBS scholar. Terry reports from San Francisco's waterfront. Yeah. Out here on San Francisco's embarked Darrow where you see some scooter. A writers sprinkled here. And there the scooter company bird announced on Tuesday that they're going to launch this rental service where they will deliver scooters to your home. Now, any transportation relief is good says Eric in San to scooter riders. So I notice you have a scooter here you had to pick that scooter up somewhere in the streets. Right. What do you think about like bird actually renting their scooters out of delivering to your home? So you think that's a good idea? Absolutely. I think innovation and transportation is really necessary. San Francisco's been suffering from horrible transportation, my friend here. Just fifteen minutes to get here from the dog. Patch? Would you consider renting the scooter maybe I don't know the pricing of it twenty four ninety nine a month. Okay. Seems pretty reasonable. So. Yeah. But will the city approve transportation officials caught off guard with the announcement only scooter companies scoot and skip were given permits after bird scooters were pulled from the streets Paul roses with Muny? We learned about this new program yesterday and are going to get more details to determine whether or not it complies with existing.

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