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History at the Vikings museum. Celebrate the legends in purple and see how it all began through interactive digital exhibits and what about kind archive items? Get your tickets at Vikings dot com slash museum. Peter just as. Waddell and eligible Radi. New England have used six different players to run the ball. He's hit five different players for receptions, overall seven point two yards per play while he's he's definitely in a rhythm right now. And that's what the defense has to do is get him off of that rhythm, and they'll spread that ball around and find someone now you're looking for a shot at some point down the field. It's third and very short New England three or four on third down in the hand off goes to the tailback to the right side. And he plunges ahead for a New England Patriots. First first down that'd be a gain of just a couple of yards. It was rookie Sony. Michelle who departure Rex Burkhead enters Rex's in the six year from Nebraska zero touchdowns he was out eight consecutive games. Josh Gordon sans. A reception the form of Brown. He leaves the game replaced by James Devlin. Who has the games? Only. Touchdown. It is first and ten New England from the Vikings eighteen yard line. New England one of one in the right area. Brady out of the shotgun settlement emotion. He takes the snap. Minnesota Russia's four screen. Right limbaugh. Newell was coming. But they still couldn't stop it. And it's turning up fifteen and stopped at the thirteen yard line. A screen gain of five yards. It'll be second and five other making those defensive lineman work, Paul, and none of them are having an opportunity to rush the passer because they're too busy reacting toward the screen, and you know, you look at this drive. You had a big tackle for loss. You had them in second long kind of let them off the hook with their with the conversions. And now we're sitting here in the red zone and on second down hand off to birkhead jump cuts to the right and Everson Griffen and a host of biking stopping at the yard line. That'll be a gain of maybe one making it about third and three.

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