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Awards is the name of our? They'll keep program and and what's unique about it. Is that your points are you can redeem them at a dollar value. Okay so have you got one point at one dollars you can apply that to anything at an. Ro who tell you know with that with those points that's a good value values. That's a little bit different than some of the programs that are definitely and We're we're pretty excited about that and and die here at there are with the this program very nice. We'll we'll special. Yeah say is really good value and especially if you occur enough of stays as a pretty nice. So you're already accumulating points right Oh right right on I actually read sign up so so with L. Rewards of obviously there's a lot of loyalty in in a hotel wants to have the best loyalty with their with their return customers can give some experience that you've seen from the years of the creation I'm not as an OTC that for me. Like I'm always about direct bookings and in I think your telling me a little of a story beforehand that year so yeah it'd be nine the scenes we were talking a little bit and you know. I think because of you know how long I've been in the industry industry. I have some stories once upon a time as I told you the guy called me up on the phone when I was managing a hotel and and I think I was the assistant manager. Okay property and he said Hey if you give me ten rooms also for you guys probably expedient okay. Oh yeah that's what what happens. That's what it was back them and and so we used to do business but now we do it a little bit differently and and the the OTAS has some good value for our guests. We recognize that we partner with them. We're in a market. That has a good presence isn't for. Ota's online travel agents as we call yes on some some my call him you know sees or audios organization but Yeah so partnerships are important for us It's important for our guests We have We have our rate parity parody with them. So whether you book here at the hotel directly here you're a royal loyalty program member book directly with us. Are you go online. You're GONNA find the same rate will match rate yet. And that's what the brands do. Excellent I want to go too much of your time because I know my story. Oh I do I do buy WanNa hear your mostly the craziest or funnest or most memorable full moment and the industry from from your time of a service life had a few I you know I I think I mentioned I've had the pleasure of hosting postings dignitaries US presidents yeah and some sports figures you know basketball players Shaquille O'Neal and and login vet for him would you invent for him What we yeah that that takes back to Grading the eight foot debt I call it the NBA debt the eight feet in length because wound when I got to this hotel we were hosting NBA teams and our regular kings things or or too short. If you're seven six you don't fit in so I went and contract with the bed manufacturer and and they created a twelve hundred quail topic. Eight foot bed for me and I was the first one that heavy for beds in the in the Portland market and and that was that was pretty good stuff and the NBA team. You know they really enjoyed that. Their feet were dangling the whole time. There's yeah even even the six foot five guys created that in in I've had the pleasure meeting some Nice Actors there's an actress and my most memorable moment was Morgan Freeman Morgan. Freeman was filming in in the city that I was in and and we had dinner together and saw what an original guy. I really enjoyed that and and that was nice memory for me. Yeah so it's it's. It's a great industry. It's an industry that you never know who's GonNa walk in now where they're going to be at and who's who's passing through and and we treat everybody the same whether you're you're represented a country are just yourself in I. I believe in you know taking care of yes is the answer was the question. What's the question? Yeah Yeah that's my philosophy and and that's what what I like to see happen with my team members properties and so. That's what I'm about awesome. Well I just really want to say thank you for your time and appreciate it. I think this is really just fun to chat about the experience in the background of what most people don't really get to see or hear about specially with you know imagine companies and owners and Franchisees and all that stuff and of course dinners with Morgan Freeman so advocate stuff. You know. We're we're the largest one if not the largest industry in the world. Oh and good opportunity for many of your listeners. That WANNA get started. Hotels Industry Restaurant Bar It's good stuff it's adventurous. It's fun to do. It's very unique and experiential and We walked in there. Come on board right on. Well they everybody pretending back into slick talk boss Pataudi podcast. You can.

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