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But you guys about saying it's pretty much can be a onesided celebration at the largest outdoor cocktail party well that's why i play very likely apply you have a point warren i made you are poor percentage on point one one one percent chance maybe some of your exactly all right let's take a look at our dr pepper championship drive game of the week preview focusing on tcu at iowa state the horned frogs and own the series taking seven of the eight matchups including all three previous games in aims now this is the first ever match up with both teams ranked in the ap top twentyfive but iowa state is an fps worst one ten into all time in ranked matchups now tcu has dominated their first four big twelve games vita average of three or more touchdowns so trevor can the cyclone slow down tcu yeah they can't i mean the thing is this i was state team actually is legitimate and it's because they are not a typical big twelve spreaded around runs beat you and attract me type of team they are an old school smashmouth line of scrimmage team their running game has been doing very well they lead the big 12 first downs pregame and in gold ago touchdown percentage so they're very good when the need to be physical on the defense of saw enjoy wedding it linebacker who's a quarterback last year he's the big tools leading tackle and then reliever knows guard number seventy six watch him because he is a big of physical space heaters are kind you normally see and associated with the big ten so yeah i will state can slow this thing down and turn it into a slugfest it's anybody's game.

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