'Blue' States Aren't Happy About Illegals Showing Up


In a well genius move, the governor is of red states. I'm thinking a specifically of Texas and Arizona. So governor Abbott in Texas and governor ducey in Arizona have decided to dispatch illegals to blue states to hand them over to the blue state governors and the blue state blue city mayors. And it's like, hey guys, it's your problem now. Or maybe not your problem. Maybe it's a gift to you. It's your opportunity. You've been you've been talking about these people. You've been celebrating them. You've been calling yourself sanctuary cities and sanctuary states, places like New York, Washington, D.C.. Okay, you know what? Your wish has been granted. You want illegals? Here you go. And so bus loads of illegals. In fact, 6100 migrants from Texas have been sent to D.C.. They go sick, they go 6 days a week as early as 6 a.m. as late as 11 p.m., sometimes multiple buses a day. And now Abbott has sent the first bus to New York City. And so look, the Biden administration is unleashing these illegals into Texas and into Florida. And it's motives are, well, you can say purely cynical. I think the motives are twofold. One, let's over the long term, try to tip the political balance in these states, Arizona's already a swing state. Let's try to make it a reliable democratic state. Texas is not so much of a swing state, but nevertheless, the more we can pump in the illegals, maybe this will accrue to the long-term benefit of the Democrats. And the second motive is just mean spirited. You know what? Your red state governors, we want to give you headaches. We want to exacerbate your problems here. You deal with these people. We'll let them in, you can't stop us. And then we just basically leave them at your doorstep,

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