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I'm not so sure either. We should probably give some context to this because this is what Paul. Pogue by hot to say in his post match comments after the defeat to Brighton, pull it out disappointed as the mood and that dressing room right now. Is appointed. No, I think everybody knows all the players. I me I'm, you know, we don't do w play. We don't don't think we have to to win because of. Dougherty we be made under pitch. Two, two zero, two one retried and he made mistakes and create the goals. Dan after the that That the. other changes we try to push push, but we gotta go, I think today and the result is having his reason. I think we. And I think we have to win today with the way that that we play in. I think we know it. So pug better talks about attitude, which was, I mean. A lot of people have hailed him for being honest for being, you know. Taking some responsibility on schools had this to say working for BT sports. I hope that is lost in translation. There is no defense for that comment. There is no defense for it. You say to yourself, don't you you constantly saying to yourself attitude, right? Make sure it's right. You don't need other people to tell you. You don't need a manager to tell you that or your teammates. So busy school is a saying, okay, you wanna talk about Josie, Marino, etc. Etc. Flying the way sets his team all the way the team sets out to play. That's okay. Bought player should have attitude player should show the route ROY attitude that you know he he's kinda incredulous with wash pub has said, I agree with look, fundamentally, I agree with Paul Scoles lay that is one hundred percent, correct. These are athletes who are paid millions and millions of dollars like the that is the one thing that you should always be able to have control of is your attitude going into a game. However. It does feel a little bit inhuman for Paul Scoles to just expect that every player is robotic in that way. Maybe he was and maybe that's what made him the legend that he is. But like to act like it's unthinkable that players could ever go out or go into the game with the wrong mindset with a negative mindset like that. That does happen. I'm not excusing it, but to act so shocked that anything like that could ever come from a player's mouth. I don't. I'm not stunned to hear that. Like when when Paul Pago made those comments, I, it didn't cause me to start just like running laps around my house being like, oh my God, I can't believe what I've just heard. This is mad. It wasn't. I didn't think it was that weird now, the court that we played or the, the audio I there was from. I think it was an interview with just the general Premier League that's disseminated around the world. The general primarily post-match bought in his skysports ports much. He said something that was much more damning much more poi-. Wanted and plug suggested that Brighton Andrew had prepared better than United had for the game. He said maybe brightens preparation was better. That to me is damning. That to me is pointed towards the manager well, and that's where I mean, that's where this is headed. Right? Like we can the pong ball rial stuff is all just sort of a precursor to what is really going on here and it's about the manager. Absolutely. One hundred percent is about the manager. Also. I think I mean, meteorologist you gotta think before you tweet and rail a tweets every few months. So he gives us these little nuggets. Paul schools wouldn't recognize the leader if he was in front of Sir, Winston Churchill. Like postal has played an amid fail alongside Roy Keane one of degrade his leaders United ever had. So when Paul school of speaks about leadership, easy, you know he's got some wet in that argument..

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