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The capital of israel was long overdue today we finally acknowledge the obvious that jerusalem is israel's capital israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu calls an historic day but trump is also drawn sharp criticism french president emmanuel macron says it's a regrettable decision the france does not approve a majority of senate democrats say senator al franken must resign minnesota democrat loosing support after yet another accusations of sexual misconduct california senator kamala harris this proudly in the best interest of of a lot of people that he resigns five wildfires in southern california burn mansions middleclass neighborhoods and led to the evacuation order for hundreds of thousands of people and it could get worse cal fire raising its color coded win index for tomorrow the purple the most severe level and one that has never been used before i'm tim mcguire president trump wants lewis gartrell harassment lawsuit by a former apprentice contestant blocked ap's warned levinson reports trump's lawyers say he's too busy to be suit summers irvoas who was a contest in on the future presidents tv show in two thousand six says he pushed himself on her sexually when she went to see him about a job the next year when she made her allegation public last fall after the access hollywood tape trump dismissed it is fabricated that's when she sued him for defamation a new york judge heard arguments for moving the case forward and for delaying it trump's attorney say the job of president is twenty four seven servings his lawyers say we can deposing between rounds of golf a.

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