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And people were willing to do that when they were inside the building and and then there was plenty to do outside so we have four hundred miles of trails for hiking and biking and it and we also have a city. It's an e bike system where you can rent buy from basically from yeah from city stations. We also have a free transit system throughout the city. So it's really great for people who want to get outside on a hike by and then as i mentioned even do things like fly fishing or shooting horseback riding. You know we really are cowboy country out here so and yet and yet. It's twenty five minutes of the international airport so it's a it's a pretty idyllic setup definitely well you know understanding times we're living in the current club in restriction placed. A visitor should know about ahead of time. So as i mentioned we do have a mandatory mask mandate when you go inside buildings. However i'm happy to say that you know are indoor dining is open so people are able to come in you. Wear your mask 'cause you go from the front door to your table and then you take your mask off. And that's very fortunate and very comfortable. I mean our bars are actually open here. That not the case in every city. So it's just being aware that when you're gonna go inside you're going to be asked for a mass when you sit down to your table but you certainly are not expected to wear a mask when you're outside you know it's got enough wide open space so the that's how we've been doing you know all summer long. All all numbers are good because people have been really respectful awesome. Well let's look forward a little bit. There's several interesting projects in the area. Like the mayflower mountain resort. That i read about yesterday or day before. Got a new arts district. Pingree park city. Can you talk a little bit about these projects. And what the future looks like. Yes we definitely. Continue to grow the mayflower. It's actually that's looking too far ahead. i don't know. I don't know what the status of that resort is going to be and the majority of it is not in summit county which is park cities and but but a lot of like to say. They're building something in park city. Even it's not park city so so it's getting a lot of press but there isn't a lot of motion and their questions is whether they're going to connect to the deer valley resort that i've been mentioning and it's not clear if deer valley has not agreed to that at this moment and so i think mayflower flowers too far out to be talking about the arts and the arts and culture district is got book ends on one end. Is the sundance institute which presents the film festival but also does of stuff all year long and on the other end the kimball arts festival which i mentioned earlier that happens in august and the kimbell arts is open all year long. So there's sort of the book ends of the our district. I don't think we're gonna see the district until probably twenty twenty three so it's also our out the the more Relevant projects would be the new hotels that have just opened very family friendly so one is called the hotel pad which just opening november and. that's why o. T. e. l. phd. If the i pat in the world but there there are other yo tell hotels and they'll be more hotel coming than the ac by marianne just opened as well and then this december pantry our city will be opening in canyons village And pendry is connected to a luxury Family orientated company call on montage international and they have brands montage resort. And then they have hendry's and this'll be the first tenri here in utah and then it'll be open in december so those are more of the projects that are just keeping us going. It's sort nice in the middle of kobe that we continue to develop and move forward with new projects especially ones that are good for family. I do think park city park city can be a great couple place. Park city can be a great place for meeting. But it's also awesome for family so it's pretty multidimensional and you need different lodging for all those kinds of things to say. I'm actually on the live. Webcam on historic mainstream mainstream. now and. yeah what. A beautiful really beautiful. So i i just want to come and be a local for a while but what are some local information that visitors need to know about farsi. Well one of the first things be surprised that a lot of people have a home here but they don't live here fulltime so it's a little bit different from a community where you would see the same family every day or the same people at the margaret. It's got a lot of people coming and going but it is a small town. It just happens to be. I think when someone visit they say. I really want a little piece of mess. And so they take it and then they come and visit on peak periods which would be like president's weak. That's kind of become a national american ski. Tradition is being on president's weak but that's one of the reasons that people decide to become a local. They wanna make sure that they've got their home when that peak or president's weak or or like christmas looks like a postcard and part city. And i can see that i wanna make sure that you have your you have your perfect christmas setting for your family. So that's why people do become local or they buy a condo and then they are guaranteed that there for them on the peak periods. But i mean we do have a school system. that's amazing. It is a real talent. Not just a postcard. Yeah yeah just looks like. I would say that sundance does not family friendly time. Most of the movies that are being premiered are pretty intense. Though it's not the stuff that you normally would bring your kids supercup but you'll see a lot of people from l. a. In new york even though this year was virtual we still had a lot of people from la and new york that just got used to coming out and spending time with us during. It's always the end of january. And then i think the summertime is really when you see families that thought like i'm buying in park city because of winter but once they got there they realize it's a it's an amazing summer to the nation as well and especially because of the weather. There's virtually no humidity in park city. And so we don't have bugs and you have picnics outdoors on mir blankets. And you can do that there. So we see a lot of texans coming up. We see a lot of people from the south east coming out. You know it's. It's just a very surprising. Like i really thought this was a winter town and it turns out that it's actually an all year round town in families. Turn out. they they use their. You know their places more than they realized they were going to. It's a beautiful place for sure for more information on vacation and in park city good visit park city dot com or consult your travel agent. Dan thanks so much for being on the show with us. We appreciate your time. Thank you my.

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