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I could probably say the same about Brett Rippin from Boise state. I like a lot of what this could put on film. He he's a smart player. Good touch. Good accuracy. Both these guys know how to work from under center coming from pro-style offenses. I like both guys a lot and they neither of the really stood out yesterday. And that's usually what you see early on in all star game weeks. Ross's, you know, these guys are working with receivers for the first time. So timing might be off as guys just get adjusted. Both of them had some bad misses yesterday. But I'm not gonna hold that against it. Either. These guys I'm a big fan of both eastern stick and Brett rip and the other guy that really stands out to me and a guy that I watched over the weekend for the first time is Cornelio from Oklahoma state. Big kid, probably the best natural thrower of any other quarterbacks here to me if he comes down here. And they had a it was a long night of meetings last night. A lot of these NFL teams met with these players long into the night last night to me, Cornelius if he went into interviews and show that he's got what it takes mentally to be a backup quarterback. I think he's gonna make it. I think he could get drafted. I was pretty pressed with what he showed physically. And again, this guy was only a one year starter he was backing up. Mason Rudolph throughout the course of his career. Let's get then to the running back position where there's some some other notable names here on the east. You got tied Johnson. The speed kid from Maryland, Marcus young from UMass Jordan hilas from Virginia. Daryl will fork the army full-back, they call him the Sherman tank. I called a couple of his games this year. He's just a hilarious body type. He's like nine to thirty five me. And he's like a dump truck out there. You got the kid from Nebraska, the kid from shoe, and then Darren Hall junior from Pitt. It's interesting because there was clearly at drop off. I thought at running back at LSU. I mean, you had four net you had guys. And then you know, the kid this year. It was just kind of. Okay. Yeah. Percent doesn't allow you in any physical way. From like a dynamic athletic ability standpoint, he's not overly powerful. He does have some tower. But he's more of that backup running back. I think the role that he played throughout the course of most of his career at LSU is really the role that will play here in the NFL. I think he could be a nice backup. He's a really good special team areas a really good blocker and pass protection. Does a lot of the little things while he's definitely dirty work. Kind of player to me the three guys that stand out from this group. Overall would be percent. The got my number one guy down here is divine zig. Bo from from Nebraska, I mean, another kid who's got definite power. He played in the two thirties throughout the course of his career. I was told that he came down here in the low to twenties. So I by fischel, heightened weights haven't come down. I just I spoke with somebody yesterday who said he came here in the low twenty s so zig Bo as a guy I'm excited to see continue to practice here, you typically don't see much from running backs during all star game weeks to practice that you really have to wait until the game to see what they can do in live contact drills..

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