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On august fifth and so. We're so excited about that. I in fact. I'm leaving in just a couple of days to begin work on that. Sandra seaton is the librettist in carlos. Simon wrote the music for it. And it's going to be about the life of mary. Cardwell dawson And so that is upcoming. We've got the big launch of the foundation. Which is coming up next year and twenty twenty two very excited about that. I also have tremendous honor and the great responsibility of making my direct to'real debut Wow i'm directing and opera directing an opera which that i've had a great amount of experience with on the other side of the proscenium arch but now this is a very very new and daunting assignment as director. I think you're up for it thank you. I'm certainly learning. And i'm open to learn from some of the great time i'm a meeting coming up this way with bartlett sheer. Who's going to help me. And kevin murphy has been helping me and i'm francesca's umbrellas been helping me and i've been reaching out to those successful directors in the business in asking. Please help me. Please schoolmate You know. I have a great experience with this opera of being on the other side of the stage is quite something else. So that is something that's occupying taking up a lot of thought traffic creating a lot of thought. Traffic at the moment is making this direct debut m. and then i've got another one after that one so i've got some you know opposite. I'm going to be directing coming down the line. And then i still have the career. I still have a lot of things that are going on with their. We return to the metropolitan opera in the fall with invest which. We just got that news the other day. So we're thrilled about that. And making sure that everybody is vaccinated is going to be safe and that we can return to the theater and take turn off the goats light. Lift up the curtain and get back to what it is that we know how to do and being able to tell important stories like that of the story so i'm returning back to the theater so all of those wonderful things denisa so exciting. Listen where can people follow you on social media at graves. Montgomery my married name is montgomery also so at graves gummer but also it cooking with denise. I host a cooking show at a time. That people can follow that on instagram. You can follow. What we're doing at the denise grace foundation on on instagram on facebook through our websites All of those different things to find out what's going on what's in front of us and yeah i. I'm incredibly proud of the group that we have assembled at the foundation. We've got a lot of incredible dedicated. Souls like a ronald smith you met. Linda gain are simona harp gum kit. Emory you know gilbert hernandez we've got wonderful people who feel as passionate as i do about getting those wonderful stories out there and celebrating. Some of our great here is in these people who have allowed us to had the career that we've had like mary. Cardwell dawson whose late. Who was incredible trail blazer and the reason that we have the careers that we have is because of the work that she late right right that we know the price. The reason that we know marian anderson is because of the work that she did amazing and you said she took about forty artists to the met and we didn't. We don't even know about that. Five hundred hundred black artists. Wow black are as the metropolitan opera. People don't know that wonderful work by clarence cameron. White was himself a violinists but also a composer. They did a piece called winder and they were not allowed by the unions at that time to perform standard repertoire. So they came. They had to bring everything. They're new there. They had to bring your own box office. Even they had to bring their own opera and their own people their own stagehands their own. You know everything to own. Orchestra conducted director designer dancers. Everything but over. Five hundred people to the metropolitan opera house in people don't aren't aware of that n on aware of the work but we are picking up that mantle because we had that responsibility because we are her children and we are the benefactors of the work that she and so many others like her have done in so that's our job now to carry that full. Yeah well god bless you denise for taking the helm on this project. It's so exciting. I in her to the madame. Cj walker opera. She did the things. She became an entrepreneur and she blessed so many artists despite her work in is so exciting. I can't wait to hear more about it and denise. I'm so glad to call you my friend my sister. I hope you'll come back on the show sometime again and again and again. Thank you for everything. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your prayers and your. We're going to need that as we continue to journey forward. We're gonna need support from everybody. So i do well right there with you. Thank you so much. You have a great day. Thank you dear. I loved by the juicy park as ever cannot notifies communication the culture soup podcast is a registered trademark of no silos. Communications l l c..

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