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We've talked about. We're gonna bring this close but you want to talk about one of my favorite topics here and that is context maintenance and there's two type all that i like to talk to people about. I'd like to talk about session contexts. So the conversation. And then i like to talk about user context and do dentist fires in this so in theory you can have user context in fact this year social you go back to them they you. You know you've been there before because they already know something about you like the name you shared or they say welcome back or something like that but i think this is the this is probably the biggest performance issue. I see with the general purpose assistance. Today is they're not good at maintaining either those contexts. Now we saw four years ago where they could maintain some context around objects And you then could use You could use Pronouns or something like that to refer to things indefinite objects so you could say. How far is that. You know after you'd already said like what's the distance between yorkshire in london or something like that and you know what time of year is. It would maintain all this context within the session. I certainly wouldn't do that between sessions because there was no user contacts and we see like roy Talked about this a little bit on my podcast last year and showed something around alexa learning preferences and still in beta. So he's still not released. Or maybe it's an alpha is probably better expected that maybe this year. We'll see some of that but so talk to me about that because that's certainly relevant to the alexa prize. But it's also relevant is some of the things you're thinking about for de pablo think. Yes this is. Larry hard problem here because Yeah we definitely have. Some sort of user context in our systems will teams able action. Do routed. This is someone who talk to us. Before envy's refusal files so we can say hambrecht. How things are going on something. That's easy as the hot Probably is being a half von two conversations Same user Can do from the conversation because besides the fact that this is the same device which is very important. Don't know that the user does the same device so then how to figure out. Is that the same bread. Made its you doctor or asana or your life and so that still chance into abusing have just one conversation. You don't actually know a lot about user cannot of questions because if you ask Context of the conversation than below half a questionnaire which is on his way to build a conversation in a like from in hand to help. A i hear you. i will say that. That was my biggest concern this year. I know you have another point to make that. I felt social bots. Were quite a bit better this year. Just in terms in a lot more using a crutch because many of us cova is a crutch because it's anyone ever impacted by sort of an easy way to get into a confrontation to extend the conversation. If you didn't start there are many of them. Started with it. Which i found kind of annoying after awhile because everybody was sort of repeating the same thing but When we only looked at it or when you think about it as as a user i did feel interrogated like after the first the first four five minutes is okay but after that is clearly not a conversation because i kept trying to ask questions to the social bad about itself like a human would like to to treat it as if it's an entity that i might have something interesting to converse about. No there was no conversation. It was really just tell me something about yourself or do you like this sort of guiding the into something and then occasionally if i said something in the pick the topic. Oh yes they like that. Yes here's a fun..

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