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Hi, donna. Call me, Donna good morning. Why are you calling? For that give away baby doesn't work like that. Man, creepy every time you call the show Donald silica need to take a shower. I don't know that we want to put anything remote control in your hand. Oh, I don't think. So I don't think so jettison central Austin. She has some comments on the hill. Flyovers Martin good morning. Native often I grew up in Oak Hill, and I'm just excited that anyone's paying attention to kill anymore because we've had the same HEB for the last. You know, what forty years we've been paying attention to the white oak kill every since the plans for a new Kasahda casino were on the table right there as you as you know, Don Pryor has transformed that HEB singlehandedly himself. Well, you know what I can. The point where the rezoning area they closed down three Matete moved in the nineties. Yeah. Art for our, you know, massive highway that was supposed to go through all of that got out, and they only got to William cannon. I think for picked up because there's that big wall with all the houses on the creek on the other side had a ton of business has move out there thinking, we gotta go. Gotta get out changes coming forty years later. All right. Sounds like a pro flowers are out there. Nobody has a problem. They just want the traffic to flow bay. There's desperation lizards checking it from MLK list. What what's what's going on today in your world? I'm about to.

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