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These northern Kentucky counties, Bracken Grant Owen and Pendleton. Most of Kentucky has an ice storm warning, but that is south of northern Kentucky. We have a level one snow alert for Hamilton County. Which has just been issued unnecessary travel discouraged tonight. Boone County on a level one snow emergency, so no parking on the streets. Fort Mitchell Level one snow emergencies Well, Dearborn County, South East Indiana, now on an orange travel watch, with only essential travel like for work or emergencies. Let's check your drive home now the latest traffic and weather together. From the UC Health Traffic Center. You see, health cardiology provides the region's most advanced heart care program. Visit you see health dot com slash heart for details. Treacherous is a good word to describe the roads right now. Very snow covered and even icy in most areas as well. Be careful. Slow down, pump. Those brakes don't slam him. And North 71. There's an accident at Stewart's and accident blocks the right lane. There also a vehicle having trouble getting up the hill on North 71 in the Contra Flow Lane Winton Road Going up the hill from Spring Grove nearly impassable. They're broken down semi on the eastbound to 75 on the Kentucky side of the Carol Cropper Bridge. Just a few of the accidents drive slow. And be careful. I'm Rob Williams News radio 700 WLW. Now ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling Weather Center on news Radio 700 w L. Geology. No wonder two winches and maybe a few spots a bit more. There will be some icing and northern Kentucky 19 overnight low Then.

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