Johnstone Sonn, Sanza, John discussed on Outkick the Culture - Episode 004 - Winter Is Here. So Is Dunkirk. And So Are Jerks.


Here you've got seven this year now you've got six more and a lot of what we saw this past sunday was leading to what's coming baruah didn't take us anywhere it showed that johnstone sonn's stark have a difference of opinion i'm starting thinks sanza might challenged john for the north in some way not like in a death way but in a there's going to be different factions of people that by into her belief and his belief and that's going to cause trouble you've got danny interior in and a crew during their thing and in a danny has never been my favorite character just really hasn't been i'm not a big dragon guy anyway but it's really does everything can do that is just i feel like the show has focused more on her in in game moments than anybody else when it's time for the end of a season when it's time for the end of a key episode we'll see some john snow from time to time occasionally will see sursee but if you had to really say who is it that dominates those moments it's tenere star garin and her importance to getting to the iron thrown can't be understated but at the same time she says not as she's not as interesting to me if some of the other characters and i wish that it was spaced out differently my my only real qualm with game of thrones i'm not a medical guy at all but i'm so glad that i've watched game of thrones and i'm about to start reading the books and that's going to be quite the undertaking obviously but.

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