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It doesn't feel like you're watching something that couldn't happen. I'm gonna have to do you. What what is it on? How do you watch? Okay. I have that thing. I have the. Every episode on there. Go, and yeah, I can do it. All right. A second round NFL pick from over the weekend. Drew lock had to apologize for tweets that he sent in the eighth grade Missouri quarterback issued apology when he was in eighth grade case twenty two years old. Drug tweets, he set when he was fourteen years old in twenty eleven a quote from him. I was recently made aware of five tweet in my eighth grade year in middle school that were perceived as insensitive and inappropriate and anonymous person brought these attention to the Columbia daily Tribune. And I appreciate have any opportunity to address them. I didn't intend to offend anyone with those messages, but I understand this is an example of how words even when written by young teenager can be interpreted by others is news worthy harmful and inappropriate. And I'll tell you what. Fine. Good. Take him down apologize. Do what you gotta do. But I do not want to be judged. Oh, what I said when I was in eighth grade God. And I'm not saying I'm saying one hundred percent. I said things that were inappropriate that I would not repeat as an adult that has a grown-up. I, but, but you know, what your Twitter why a if you've had Twitter for any period of time wipe your Twitter because those because that's doesn't age well Steph that was funny ten years ago is not funny now judged for any. Thing I said or did before the age of thirty on. We've evolved. Hopefully, many of us again. That I thought was funny a long time ago if you played it now would make me cringe one hundred percent. So I don't know if that's fair necessarily, but at the same time. Good apologize. Tak- doubt. Wipe your Twitter. It is stuff that you thought was funny while ago is not funny anymore to search. It's not hard to search that either. Is that hard to get rid of it either? Amazon wants to turn its famous two day delivery into just one day on most of its prime. However, there's a number of labor unions are not happy with the move, the president of the retail wholesale and department store union said speeding up deliveries could be dangerous for Amazon fulfillment center, employees. He said workers are already struggling to keep pace and handle two hundred three hundred orders per hour during a single twelve hour shifts unclear whether Amazon plans to add jobs to its fulfillment centers to help take on faster ship is they're going to have to again, I'm gonna say that thing where just anybody can like over your packages. Now doing that thing where like a drawn will come and fly into your home and drop it on your face pictures fly away the other one they put in your car or truck garage or something like that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Doing your trunk. The drum thing scares me a little bit not not because it's like not because it scares me, the convenience just can you imagine looking up in the sky seems like one of those scifi movies and all you're going to see little fly drone journey things. Just fly. We'll buzzy bugs tell you see in town. You know what I mean look up an ear. It's gonna be cluttered with drowns dropping stuff off to people before planes have drone strikes when they're taking. Oh, yeah. It's hard to happen now. Absolutely. Yeah. Burn strikes when be good jeopardy. This guy James Hall tower. One his seventeenth game in a row to take nearly one point three million dollars in total earnings, the one forty nine thousand six hundred dollars Friday after betting a whopping twenty thousand dollars and final jeopardy. Total earnings now stand one point two seven five million halfway to Ken Jennings. Two point five million record man, that's in it took Jennings. Thirty three games to reach a million seventy four to reach suport five and this on seventeen. I watched that one on Friday. The first time I've seen him. I thought it was going to lose like like I'm going to jinx this guy for watch it. But this guy's really intimidating. He's he's a nice guy. But when he plays he it's the site short answer. And then like short like he even shortens the category. So it's like faster. Wow. Long title. He'll be like word for two hundred word for gambling, the gambler the psychology of it. Oh, good. Yeah. Wow. National's zipper day and national shrimp Scampi day. Hello today. Yeah. Let's go to Red Lobster. Kind of unlimited some going on right now. Probably limited always king crab feast. Schram LTd lobsters. Yeah. This is true. But many years ago we were doing commercials. I was doing commercials for olive garden, and I went to an olive garden, and it was in the parking lot where they had an olive garden, Anna, Red Lobster and Saint Bergamo and the manager told me that they do a daily bread swap like in the back in a place where some of the Red Lobster because they're owned by the same company. So some labs to do come over and bring him cheddar bay biscuits, and they would bring him the breadsticks and they'd swap them to eat them in the back. That's true. Share? I wonder if that happens because I remember when I this is I think the statute of limitations is up on this like in discussing the background. I worked at blockbuster, and it was in like like a strip mall kind of there was a subway and a Chinese restaurant and we had raid. Trade deal going at food courts in malls. Have. And I wasn't giving any they were taking my movie rentals. I was getting their meal, you know, that they would get for the day, or whatever I just wonder how much of that's going on it happened. When I worked at McDonalds traded with Wendy's. And yeah, and the pizza place and blockbusters blockbuster nutshell too tired of eating at your own place. Yeah. So what? Yeah. Yeah. Trade it up. It was to the point where I used to go back in back of the subway, make my own sake. I like that. Reports have next.

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