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Elle aboard i'm chris you had and welcome to the latest in a series of empire podcast sparta specials this one is dedicated to pirates of the caribbean colong salazar's revenge or if you're listening in the united states of america parts of the caribbean cold on dead men tell no tales is the fifth and possibly final installment in the muchloved parts of the caribbean franchise the first since two thousand eleven on stranger tides uh an over the next hour so myself james dyer and helena higher will be get an in the film in all sorts of mind boggling lee spoiler refik detail uh so if you have not seen the film stop don't listen to this go the cinema watched the movie comeback an and listen to it makes sense make sense okay but before you hear us talking about the film i went recently to disneyland paris not just for ships giggles but to interview the directors of the film you'll him running a who looks a bit like uragan complemented your liverpool football club by the way and the aspen sandberg a we spoke to them a great detail about the movies many twists and turns and there were a lot of fun a a by the way we started talking about the movies biggest revelation the presence of one sir paul mccartney enjoy we're delighted to be joined on the proposed cast by yolk and running an espen sandberg directors of parts of the caribbean.

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