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Ltd Toyota, let's go places JBL and clarify registered trademarks of Harman international industries, Inc. What does it take to win in the NBA zoom into it? Outta rivalries begin him with any teams at any time. What does it mean to be clocked? It means down. It's going to be a lot to talk about this NBA season watch on ABC ESPN TNT NBA TV. This is why we play. Sixty eight NBA all star game on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Fox PJ Carlesimo. I'm Kevin Archer with the autozone. Halftime report. Autozone has everything to get you. What you need to get in the zone, autozone. At the break. It is team Jaanus through the ninety five eighty two lead over team. Lebron leading the way Janas is doing it himself. He's got twenty points. Chris Middleton, his Milwaukee Bucks. Team may has seventeen no player for team. Lebron is more than thirteen that would be one. Kevin durant? You know earlier today as we bring NBA all star weekend to a close here in Charlotte, North Carolina, our very own Mark catcher had a chance to catch up with NBA Commissioner, Adam silver, Mr Commissioner here. We are wrapping up another all star weekend. How has the city of Charlotte and all that goes along with all star weekend treated you in the league the city of Charlotte has responded in just an absolutely fantastic way. I'm we have about one hundred and fifty thousand people have come to town. And at least everyone I've run into. Over the last four days has had a fantastic experience. And we have roughly two hundred legends in town. They've worked throughout the community from everything from junior NBA clinics to packing lunches and meals for the homeless, and of course, participating in the activities in the arena. So we couldn't be happier with the experience here. And I don't think you could be any happier to have better host than the curry family. Whether it staff for Seth or dad Dell the entire family. What's been there impact your this weekend? Or first of all, I didn't quite realize they were the first family of Charlotte. And they have been everywhere. Amazing. Steph still has legs for the game tonight. But they they've done everything and been everywhere. And I don't say that, you know, Dell is a legend here in Charlotte. In addition to being responsible for two fantastic NBA players. He's remained involved with this organization since he got here in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and he's a fixture in the community as is his wife, and I met his mom earlier today at the legends brunch. And they're wonderful people. And when we use the term NBA family, that's what it's all about with Adam silver, the Commissioner of the NBA here at all star weekend. Let's tackle just a couple of of the big news e- issues, including the Anthony Davis saga, which you spoke about in your press conference yesterday. Obviously, it's been consumed wildly by fans and flame by social media. I'm sure it's been rough on the pelicans.

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