Kash Patel: Christopher Wray Just Exposed the Clown Show He's Running


I mean you were not figuratively but literally at the top levels of the executive office of the president very close adviser to president Trump You've been in the Department of Justice What I can't get my arms around not being silly about it is these are Joe Biden's not very smart but the people around him although I disagree with their politics vigorously they're not stupid They have typically a better sense of this stuff Who was sitting around a table and thought this was a good idea I mean did they not I don't know I just helped me understand this Did the backlash a moron could have seen this coming Yeah well I'll tell you exactly what was around that table Christopher wray at the FBI who's shown just how much of a clown show he's led allow on operate underneath him with those lack of accountability for people breaking the law agents running russiagate the same agents that are running Jan 6 the same agents that ran FBI as operation as a Hunter Biden are the same guys that I get a promotion to do the Whitmer fake prosecution in Michigan The fact that this is the leadership in place Garland and ray that should tell you everything you need to know They made the decisions because they thought they had the intellect to go through America and pull a fast one over that And they got caught And now they are racing to do maneuvers that never would have been done like they put in a motion to unseal the warrant because things are so bad for them and that's when you know DoJ and FBI have lost it When they are begging a court to release government sensitive information because they totally totally screwed the pooch on the execution and just calling for this warrant in the first place which could have been handled by subpoenas you know

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