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Were ever casts are available and now all of the news you would probably in this time for date as quick for I want goodness there so I've so many headlines here I'm actually okay with us trump announces restored terrace on Argentina and Brazil were actually to talk about this coming over Steven Yates and our third hour it was a very early morning tweaks I think he sleeps like thirty seconds every day he said that he's going to reinstate terrace on I'll you many of which is a British people say it did you know and steel imports from Argentina and Brazil prodding the federal reserve take measures to counter for NC foreign currency devaluation he wrote in a tweet Brazil and Argentina have been presiding over a massive devaluation of their currency is it's not good for our farmers therefore effective immediately I will restore the terrace on all the steel and aluminum the ship into the U. S. from those countries he said the federal reserve should likewise acts of the countries of which there are many no longer take advantage of our strong dollar by further devaluing their currencies moving on we have a lot here guns do save lives by the way a man who was attempting to rob a gas station on Houston's at west side according to ABC channel thirteen at while he was shot in that attempt that's kind of a consequent to be a criminal in trying to rob and threaten people Houston police responded to reports of an armed robbery the shell gas station in Houston a caller told police that he shot a robbery suspect in the defense it wasn't clear immediately whether or not the individual was an employee of the gas station or a customer the suspect was transported to memorial Hermann hospital in an unknown condition and well do you guys I did five totally I'd seriously forgot about this guy Montana governor Steve Pollack drops out of the presidential race yeah he was in it did you know that I am yeah three hundred plus truck beds were taken down by Google and YouTube sixty minutes in a report over the weekend found that over three hundred video ads for the president.

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