Twitter, Facebook, Jack Dorsey discussed on Rush Limbaugh


I found out how long the reveal how inaccurate how totally devoid okay anything reality based that whole thing will end those movements are still out there those efforts and their vast majority are aimed at us now there are people on the right who use Twitter the same way to go after the left and they will be mad at me a lot of people on the right to love Twitter because it gives them access to an audience of the otherwise wouldn't have let's see I don't need Twitter to have access to an audience hi have you and I would much rather have you as my audience than what ever that kinda human day breeze slithering around in the primordial soup of Twitter and I'm holding back here folks I'm holding back a little bit on what I really think of all this but I think it's a poison I I think I think it's a cesspool and I'm going to swing right here let me go back Justin March sixth two thousand fifteen from me on this program Twitter has become a cesspool Twitter is a literal cesspool Twitter is the place the question is raised about our culture frequently is it really robbing is it really deteriorating this fast or has it always been the way it is there just where is never an internet where these people could display themselves other words have we always had a certain percentage of the population a reprobate an absolute losers means spirited trolling foul mouth jerks or has Twitter created has the internet and the anonymity that accompany it has it created this kind of behavior and it's a question that nobody really knows the answer to has it always been there have people who think this way and act this way have they always been there there's nobody knew because it was never reported and because there was no outlet for them but now with Twitter and to a lesser extent Facebook but any other number of place you go on social media anybody can go on and say and do and and they do it is become a cesspool your mind away my friends aren't I'm not the only one who believes this now next sound bite please handle have been removed from Twitter for far less outrageous behavior come on Jack Dorsey make the label bigger please Twitter has become a cesspool Jack Dorsey stop hiding behind the first amendment for profit stop doing it do the right policy and they want trump banned from Twitter Twitter has made a huge miscalculation here by fact checking trump I will explain this as the program's courage.

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