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This one shot Really started months prior to the day that we actually took it We we were sitting around in a meeting discussing upcoming features for the magazine and Somewhat I can't exactly remember it may be may have been me. I said would. Wouldn't it be funny to do a shot of an eclipse jet? Which is There is a small business jet called an eclipse jet. As wouldn't it be kind of quirky to a shot of the a clips jet during the eclipse and this gave way to a discussion about? How could we talk about the eclipse which was obviously coming up in a few months and it really kind of blossomed into an idea that we would send photographers in editors across the country? And sort of take an inside. Look at how general aviation was Being either being affected or contributing to people's enjoyment of watching the eclipse so I ended up going to Carbondale Illinois sort of a strange out of the way place but carbondale happened to be the area that the peak of the eclipse would be the longest and I think it was something like two or three minutes that it would be in full clips So we based out of Carbondale We brought out all the aircraft that we needed including the eclipse jet During the eclipse it would get dark and I was thinking to myself you know. How am I going to? I can't slow shutter speed down enough to capture this jet in the dark Because then that gives way obviously to break issues and things like that so I devised this The scheme to SORTA hard wire in a couple of mono lights into the aircraft and so I had to five. Hundred Watt West. Got Monitor lights in the back of the aircraft. Were the ones that I carry it with me now but there were sort of an older set and I thought you know if I could if I could fire this thing at the right moment with everything lined up. We just might be able to illuminate that jet enough And still keep the eclipse in the background. So there was no obviously. There was no chance for trial and error here. We were just GonNa have to put our best foot forward and hope that everything came together so we launched at a Carbondale For the eclipse probably a half an hour were so before and we got into position. We got the eclipse jet into formation with us and we were. We were fairly close. I mean we were probably You know fifteen or twenty feet from each other. Going one hundred and fifty knots in a circle as the clips was happening in the whole you know the lighting especially up there where you have even less atmosphere. I'm not that not that. We were really high but you know we didn't. We weren't subject to some of the the haze and stuff below and it really gave an incredibly eerie feel Yeah you could feel sort of the pressure difference. You could feel the lighting starting to change and.

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