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Com that blood gets the millions and millions of visitors and that is certainly one of a lot of people turn to for information in the Catholic Church welcome to the show thank you Chris good to be here so let's talk about your little book called the living gospel daily devotions for lent twenty twenty two is also available in Spanish at least by Ave Maria press in Notre Dame Indiana also a little bit about how people can use this book to prepare well for land in east well what we try to do with these these books and it's a computer was here is it out of a market without every year proposed plans an ad that I did one for advent you probably remember a couple of years ago correct we talked and we argued since you have the the idea is is to make these times of when we turn to prayer and and see a little bit more deeply about our faith and to make it accessible and sort of break it down into the little bite sized pieces so that every day there was a prayer and and reflection and a little piece of scripture from that day's gospel and little action point to force people to do to try and put into practice well they're just right and it just takes a couple of minutes today it's you have to make it very accessible and and on intimidating if not overwhelming and if you sort of like a practice out of it you do it every day it becomes what grieving it's it's a way of life one of the nice thing about it is the size of the book is easy enough to slip into a pocket or purse and and have it with your at all times the one thing that complicates that a little bit is that as you mentioned each day has a reading of the day and unless you have a Bible with you or I guess in our Bible app on your phone by far did that that makes it a little bit less portable if you bring your Bible with you but it's it's a it's a good way I think to kind of take that a little small bites of of prayer reading reflection acting and then closing with a prayer how long would it typically takes somebody to complete each day all you can do it in less than ten minutes probably closer to five minutes and graduated with a quote if you had a a five local or if people wanted to do it at church maybe before daily masses it was a critical part of a larger group of students together one of the things that you know little while sales pitch here is it's very cheap the book is two twenty five and it's designed to be able to be bought in bulk so that entire carriage could use it for like I said groups school groups church groups and you know just take ten minutes hello beginning of your day and takes a little time and and focus on what the season of lent is about and how we can get the most out of it let's have a look at one typical day I just kind of flipped open the book and it fell on Friday March twentieth the third week of lent and your theme for that day and how deep is your love which reflects back to that that BG song from our youth and the need to say that that's a that's a time with question how do you believe those kinds of popular references are references to take you know everyday things into the scripture thing is that a typical thing for you to do well yeah I try and keep it real you know the traditional popular saying that the preachers should preach what the Bible in one hand and a newspaper the other and to being a a newsman I try and follow that that advice very closely but I also remember something of a priest mentor of mine said when I was first starting out and you said whatever you do keep it real so I try as much as possible to not get into heavy D. philosophy or theology and make this is relatable people as possible and using bits of popular culture that people can recognize and relate to and we see the books of the living god awful if it continues to live in our own time in in waves all around us if we just look for these reflections are kind of like two minutes many families right I mean that's that's kind of the mailing that you almost get from that everybody can do you also get the chance to preach the homily pretty often yeah I did my home parish priests three or four times a month actually it for a while I was preaching every week now that I'm on the road and traveling so much it's it's a little harder for me to do but even when I'm on the road I I could be visiting churches and preaching almost every weekend so I reached a point I told someone not long ago that everything in my life now it's either a potential harm only local agents of waffles yeah okay got it nothing nothing is going to be wasted there yeah I think was a more Ephron's mother once said you know everything is copy yeah well what I think we I think as we approach meant is that there's a lot of distractions in our lives these days how can your book the living gospel just help people okay it's a little bit for the forty day well I think it's important that we actively seek moments and opportunities to step away and shut the door and be quiet with god and these spool meditations are really a good opportunity to do that it is so hard to do that in this day and age we're constantly being bombarded whether it is the internet or television or radio or whatever and just the noise of daily life and once again this is a reminder that we do need to step away and refocus ourselves and and give some time to pray or give some time not only to praying to god but to listening to god which I think is something too many of us neglect to do that you know I I do I spoke yesterday at a retreat for deacons I'm in South Carolina right now and I said that he's really it's not a monologue to dialogue and if you work at it and then give time to to to to really listen to what god is saying to you it's it's it's so fruitful and and to really change the way you live your life that kind of the purpose of the the way you use structure each day for this with prayer reflection if you're and then again closing with current events help kind of focus that dialogue we're allowed to be open to dialogue again yeah exactly and it's eight eight can stimulate ideas and really I I think if you if you do this thoughtfully and prayerfully and and humbly and maybe even a couple of times today if you if you crave these these little devotion to the beginning of the day and maybe we visit them at lunchtime or at the end of the day and seeing you know what you experience what you've seen what what the spirit Hinson said to you through all of this I think that could be very useful also your perspective may even change over the course of the day or yeah yeah exotic Marwood little bit more to the day you kind of make it a different center a different reflection on on what you read yeah absolutely I mean we're we are constantly works in progress which is a point that I'm making this book and that's something else that that one is all about it's our own sort of little million self improvement project and to be one of them to work on that day by day moment by moment is is a beautiful sight thank your book takes us up through holy Thursday but not good Friday holy Saturday and Easter why not right well actually that was my publisher's idea they gave me the option of of how far I wanted to go and I think the part of the evidence of sort of just stopping just short of the trip to Walgreens because there's so much in the curriculum itself that takes up so much of our emotions and so much of our our time and our prayer life and it is time for doing the stations of the cross and preparing for the the quiet of of holy Saturday and then the triumph of the Easter vigil and I sort of leave it up to each individual how they want to observe that and instead of trying to add one more thing for them to do or playing with the think about I think it leaves people the option and and the freedom of how they want to observe the states themselves and a lot of parishes have a lot of activities during those days and it's a very intense times so I I decided I wanted to steer away from giving people too much very good well that's probably a good way to to get us right up through from Ash Wednesday through through Holy Week so we appreciate it we've been talking today with deacon Greg Candra who is author of the living god really devotions for lent twenty twenty it's available in English and Spanish from Ave Maria press in Notre Dame Indiana thanks so much for being with us today Greg thank you Chris and after the break we're gonna talk with father Michael Mike and Tom Corcoran conductivity parish about a similar book that they could produce for plant called messages of trust this is Christopher going to give the cap review and you've been listening to cap the Baltimore Catholic news from the archdiocese of Baltimore and around the world with the Catholic review Jesuit father George VI coined in nineteen fifty one graduate a little a playfield and Townson who led the Vatican observatory as its director for twenty eight years died February eleventh in Syracuse New York he was eighty seven and a two thousand five interview with the Catholic review father corn remember that his interest in astronomy and religious life was cultivated by the judge which he encountered in high school and then in seminary father Coyne told the review that when he was a young seminarians books on science were conservatives traction it was a professor of Greek who noticed his interest in the subject and provided him with a library card to take out science books in secret he gave me a flashlight and it lights out I had to pull a blanket over my head and open this book so I didn't get caught reading the strange literature father Coyne told the review one of my children's father coin grew up attending St Brigid's school in Baltimore and St Cecilia's school in Baltimore before heading to little a black field on a scholarship after graduating from Loyola Blake field in nineteen fifty one he entered the Jesuit novitiate in Warner's ville Pennsylvania father coin served as Vatican observatory director from nineteen seventy eight to two thousand six overseeing the modernization of its facilities raising its profile in the science world and welcoming a new international generation of judge what astronomers to its staff he first joined observatory staff as an astronomer in nineteen sixty nine and held the position until two thousand eleven for more on this story this Catholic review dot org for the news room other Catholic review I'm Kevin parks do.

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