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By play from replays Because there are 30 teams every night. Somebody's on the road. It's been two seasons worth. And there's been, I think plenty of replaced during every broadcast. I mean, everybody, please replace everybody. How is nobody else getting tripped up on this? Because no one is 83 years old, and it's a guy again it and the play was difficult over the weekend, where he lost the ball. The play at the fans were fan reached over, but he was in the building for that, and still had no clue. So I mean anything's on the table. Sorry. I can't use age as a factor T war because al you got Al McCoy is calling the NBA Finals at 88. And Bob Bucher is calling a clean game, and he's in his mid to late eighties as well. So those guys are older than John, and they're calling crisp games. I don't know if we can use 83 years old to blame on on this anymore. What am I supposed to do? It's got. It's got to be in there a little bit, and I mean al McCoy, who is in the building and fairly close at this point. I don't even think he did road games that much during the regular season, probably for this reason specifically, but you've got to at least a little bit. Give John some sympathy here for being over 80 and even knowing what he's watching on any monitor in front of him, and, thankfully knew it was baseball here. Sorry, it's on the monitor. Here's what I give him credit for is that he still wants to do road games. Ugur is bailed out of road games. I don't know if Al McCoy this road games anymore, but most of these old guys say where I'm just going to do home games. John wants to do every game. He wants to do every single game possible and That means going to Yankee Stadium right now to call games off of a monitor. And can we hear that one more time? I want this in its entirety. Here is John Sterling, watching a replay of Aaron Judge hit a home run earlier in the game and thinking he's doing it again. Buyers. Judge Man The Breaking ball is hit in the air to deep left That ball is high. It is far head is gone. Unfortunately, that was a replay of the home run, but it was a good good play. Mhm..

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