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If you don't mind a bit of a breaking news story irwindale santa fe dam recreation area have a brush fire in that area ten acres as it stands now ten to fifteen la county fire is on it the only real structure that could be threatened the miller brewery oh we do not want that all of a sudden we have a rooting interest in that fires yeah so no no structures threatened but if it keeps moving toward that toward that brewery we could we could be seeing some issues there i saw a story today i don't know if we have i mentioned it to everybody here the there is increasingly a problem with people flying their drones into these fire areas and i saw a fire posting today i put it on my twitter feed in fact because they had an issue with having to stop helicopter support on a fire as a result of drones people were flying their drones in over the area that they were trying to fight the fire and so they literally had to they didn't stop fighting the fire but it was here it is using helicopters to assist firefighters and suppression of the fire all operation for shut down because of the drone intrusion if you fly we can is the was the forest service hashtag anyway it it you know it bears repeating of course you can't it it's a crime by the way i think i mean they can definitely the kitchen pretty hard on that but it does get in the way of fighting these fires and there's so many drones now but anyway be that as it may it's a sign also of the heat and the heat is making things so much harder as you know we have all the mixes here for a huge fire danger i'm talking about low humidities what do you know about whether i eat and this heat has left at least three dozen people dead in canada and the northeast and through the central plains states what what's happening is that area of huge high pressure you've seen it on all the maps those giant h is they're expanding west and now that will encompass this region.

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