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Live from npr news in washington i'm korva coleman judge in missouri has refused to dismiss a criminal case against missouri governor eric grinds the governor is accused of taking a semi nude picture of a woman he had an affair with without her consent defense attorneys for grinds had argued that the criminal case should be dismissed because an investigator apparently made false statements during a deposition but the missouri judge disagreed the case against governor greitens will continue cuba has a new president it's miguel diaz canal who has served as vice president of cuba's council of state he was chosen as president today by cuba's national assembly he was the sole candidate miguel diaz canal will succeed president raul castro as leader cuba it's the first time in decades that neither roll nor his brother fidel castro has served as cuban leader raul castro will remain as head of cuba's communist party a position considered possibly more powerful than the presidency iraq has launched airstrikes across the border into syria to counter continued isis threats npr's jane arraf reports from baghdad iraq says its air force crossed over to syria thursday to launch air strikes against isis targets fifteen miles across the border and iraqi military spokesman tells npr the targets included an isis compound and carbon factory he says iraq consulted with the syrian government before launching the strikes the iraqi military with us support last year drove isis had almost all the territory the group held in iraq but it still has.

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