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Of the ramp to seventy five traffic is slowing in the area on the Jeffries eastbound after Libranoy there's an accident on the shoulder and. That will cause some. Delays as well for the morning drive also keep in mind Hines drive is closed in both directions between outer drive in Ann Arbor. Trail due to flooding taking a look at your forecast today it's going, to be mostly sunny with a high of. Eighty five degrees partly cloudy tonight the low of sixty eight and then on Friday mostly sunny a chance of a thunderstorm and a high of eighty. Six right now it, is mostly sunny and sixty seven degrees From this town hall dot com newsroom five metro Detroit women are facing, charges in a twenty million dollar opioid distribution scheme authorities accused them of legally prescribing over six hundred seventy four thousand doses. Of opioids to people who didn't need the pain killers and would instead Salva pills on the street to doctors are used of writing multiple prescriptions at a time at oak park's orthopedic medical building those doctors the owner iris Winchester and another employees are charged in. The case officials and. Genesee county are investigating the possible hacking of emergency warning sirens that went off in six areas the first siren sounded just before six. Thirty Tuesday near Mont college while others were triggered at eleven twenty five, in Burton Flint Flint township Gaines township and. Monday township despite the, weather emergency existing the Genesee county nine one one executive board director says they're suspecting the system was hacked due to the tone Made by the siren we update traffic and weather four times an hour another Pasco when the patriots Brian, Kelly is a high taxing. Self-serving politician who puts himself I Kelly voted for grant homes tax hikes killing jobs and hurting families then.

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