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Awards for doing certain things like the person who got the most likes on his comments would get an award you could create leaderboards so that whatever action you're encouraging people to take their is a leaderboard of people who've taken it the most and encourage everybody to both appreciate the people who are on there but also try to be there especially if you wipe it out each month there's a shot for everyone to get on that list i missed those little homegrown tools and one of the problems with using an off the shelf piece of software like facebook that's so restrictive is you just can't do that now the funniest fish of the feedback we got on our app is someone contacted i'll say it's not like facebook that's a problem i since we are talking about how the story of how you got to one hundred thousand members let's talk a little bit more about how you got members you said it was tinder then you did that whole tinder thing where you guys all pretended to be what was her name mary mary robinson and that helped you guys get a lot of promotion when somebody leaves the city you encourage them in able them to create a new group in whatever city there in so that helps a lot it feels like when somebody and correct me if i'm wrong about this but it feels like when someone uses your app there's an incentive to get one or two friends of theirs to come in there too am i wrong about that no there's no incentive but we looked at you actively incentivize them feels warmer if a friend of yours is also trying it with you.

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