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To the Peter Baker never Trumper who writes for The New York slimes intelligence briefings with the president as he reports on the Bolton book which apparently has been legally distributed why waste the time called since much of the time was spent listening to trump president trump listening to the briefers on quote Mr trump is there anything positive she says about trump nothing and there he was for seventeen months Mr trump's like spitting staff members against one another by the way said Abraham Lincoln just say it now at one point telling Mr Bolton the former secretary of state rex Tillerson had once referred to Nikki Haley then the ambassador to the U. N. by sexes obscenity an assertion Mr Bolton seem to doubt but found telling that the president would make it now this is the art this book is full of quote unquote telltale information right Mr producer but he shocked that the president would mention something that Tillerson may have said about Nikki help that's the absurdity of this let's go on this is the number one New York times Sir Amazon book Mr trump said so many things that were wrong or false that Mr Bolton in the book regularly includes phrases like the opposite of the truth on quote following some quote from the president Mr trump in this telling has no over arching philosophy of governance reform policy but rather a series of got driven instincts that sometimes mere Mr Bolton's but other times were in his view dangerous and reckless can you tell me folks one thing the president has done in this area national security and foreign policy that is dangerous and reckless it's not the president been prudential and extremely careful this is a complaint Mattis said Hey let's go in here no I'm not doing that says the president Paul goes on his thinking was like an archipelago of dots like individual real estate deals leaving the rest of us to discern a great policy that had its pros and cons nasty cheap shot your relevant to Mr bald is a complicated controversial figure tells us Peter Baker listen Peter have a nickname Mr producer Peter it is good enough a former official under president Ronald Reagan George Bush and George W. bush who rose to U. N. ambassador Natalie was the acting ambassador because he couldn't get confirmed still one of the most vocal advocates for a hardline foreign policy is supported the Iraq war who is favorite possible military action against rogue states like North Korea and Iran when you've got that as well like Mr Tillerson and other officials who want to work for Mr trump believing they could manage him first of all who works for a president or a cabinet secretary to manage them your goal is to give them the best information you can then carry out their decision Mr bold agreed to become the president's third national security adviser in twenty eighteen thinking he understood the risks and limits he agreed to become his national security he begged to be come as late as I was there he beg he lobbied he contacted everybody who knew who to contact the president he wanted to be the national security adviser even though he know his opinions and views were different but the president which is okay if you understand that trump is the president and your staff let me go but unlike some of the so called axis of adults so called my home as he calls Mr Tillerson and former secretary of defense Jim Mattis he hated tellers all my hated Tillerson and hated Mattis but now it's the axis of adults don't you know who tried to minimize what they saw as the damage of the president's tenure Mr Bolton sought to use his seventeen months in the White House to accomplish policy goals that were important to him like withdrawing the US from a host of international agreements he considers flawed like the Iran nuclear deal the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty another did the president do those things I thank the president campaigned on getting out of the Iran nuclear deal but none of this matters John is sold out for two million dollars and that's what people are gonna remember first of all the thought Mr trump's diplomatic flirtation with the likes of north Korea's Kim Jong un and president Vladimir Putin of Russia were ill advised even foolish and spent much of his tenure trying to stop the president from making what he deemed bad deals he didn't make any bad deals with either since you've left he hasn't made any bad deals with either he was tougher on Putin than Obama in a North Korea whether you agree with the president's diplomatic approach or not I still trying to figure out what the alternative is he eventually resigned last September Mr trump claimed he fired him after they clashed over Iran North Korea Ukraine in a peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan you see they don't give trump credit he wants a peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan but we don't have a peace deal yet but he wants to get the troops out it is recently as a couple weeks ago the Taliban that was going on the offensive got whacked by the United States airforce Mr Paul did not agree to testify during the house impeachment inquiry last fall saying he would wait to see if a judge would rule that former aides like him should do so over White House objections but after the house impeach Mr trump for pressuring Ukraine to publicly announce investigations into Democrats including former vice president Joseph Biden but that's not what happened Peter Baker but that's why you work at.

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