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But it doesn't really have like a nose. And like if you see the picture, there's a scene from the trailer or some clip from the movie where it's Mr. mime, and it's like, it's so detailed. You can see like the tiny hairs on his face yell, which is really creepy. Like it's way too much. I don't wanna see that much Mr. mime, right? He's looked. So frightening got I not I'm not a fan of him. And I just think that whole the whole thing is too much. And they should have stuck with cartoon or not trying to do the right because you can draw the Pok Mon and the characters like, I think the only other one I know is like I know Pokemon because he's obviously the main one Pika chew peak. You see, I don't even know. I know I think that like a Pokemon is a character. It's not like the whole. I don't know. But then what's like, the pinkish purple and charge us probably gigli puff the pink circa one. They call it charter. That's like the dragon with flames. I see this moving to me. I hope I never watch. I'm going to make sure I never watch except your kids. Don't wanna watch it. My kids won't mind if you will. And then because my nephew's gonna wanna watch it my daughter's gonna wanna watch it because they're the same age, and I will not be joining and you're going to need someone to go with. No, they don't let me go at them because I talked to the screen. Well, you're going to get out of I would be screaming. This is stupid. Sorry, guys. Yeah. I mean, I don't really wanna watch it. But I also will say if you think it's really creepy. If you watch the trailer like over and over again, you will adjust to how they look and it'll find it less creepy. Okay. If you plan on watching the movie, and you think that the Pok Mon look strange, which again, I agree with you. Then you can just watch the trailer over and over again and the craziness will wear off. Okay. I don't know if you actually want to subject yourself to that. I don't know. But that could be a way to overcome it. I think what would throw me as Ryan Reynolds voice. Yes. Because it's like, you know, who he is. You know that he plays a significant significant character in marvel. So it's like, no, you're a little yellow thing. Right. Also, have you seen all just like a forty two year old man? Yeah. I do not look at Ryan Reynolds and think tiny like, yeah. And shila looking at like, okay. So who are the other voices, then because the p the thing with the Pokemon is it like? In this movie Pika chew and the character who I don't think plays ask. But who plays another Pokemon trainer? The boys. The only one who can understand peak Asia too. And that's why they're like hanging out together. Okay. So everyone else just like here's like the classic like Pika Pika Pika. Chew sound. Okay. No. So they can't understand that you sane words. So I don't think the other Pokemon have voices. At least from what I've seen in the trailer. It's kind of like it's only like Pika chew and his trainer that understand each other. And that's why they're like together. This sounds dumb. Yeah. I don't think I mean. See pokemon. You have such a following. And I feel like now you're just like alienating your following. Yeah. But it might still make tons of money. You know, things like that things that I doubt often end up just making a lot of money. Even though I'm like that's dumb. How did that happen? I know really, right. Okay. I mean crocs they're still making a bunch of money. And I think they're dumb Suzie though. I'm just not gonna predicting right? Do not look forward to this on our movie podcast, by the way. Unless you're going to like pay us large sums of money, right view. This can't do it. So we're gonna take a quick break. And we're gonna come back and keep talking about more social media news. Always on the go. But the day just will be without your Hollywood foot Golden State media concepts that are ten podcast take care of that all inclusive. Look, pop culture..

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