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Death helen confided later that she had no recollection of being able to see or hear but it's still difficult to imagine the trauma she underwent moment your senses are picking up the vibrant sights and sounds of life now close your eyes and imagine being plunged into a silent world of total darkness that was only three seconds and you knew you could open your eyes at any point now imagine those three seconds stretched out over hours days weeks years a lifetime and you already know what words are and how to describe your world what if you had none of that language you might touch the bark of a tree and not know that it was called a tree or taste a cool glass of milk and not know it was called milk or a glass this is only a small inkling of what it was like to be young helen keller not surprisingly the early years of helen keller's life did not go well helen was prone to outbursts she threw temper tantrums punching slapping hitting and biting all of this is common behavior for deaf blind children and because her family felt very sorry for her they didn't have the heart to discipline her this lead to more rude behaviour she grabbed food off of other people's plates and she smashed dishes and lamps much of that acting out was born of her frustration that she was unable to express herself one time she ran into the parlor and pinched her grandmother so hard that the poor woman was forced to leave the room but that was not the only side to young helen she still possessed the senses of touch and smell so by the age of five she could sort and fold laundry being able to distinguish her clothes from others she also developed a system of signs to communicate with her family by the time she was seven she had about sixty homemade signs to communicate various things for example if she wanted her mother to make ice cream she imitated the motion of the freezer and shivered as if cold she had a special connection with martha washington the six year old daughter of the family cook martha could often interpret what helen was trying to say still helen's outbursts only grew worse over time.

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