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I always say like if somebody's new to copy ask yourself the last time you were in a really tough position like a really like gut wrenching environment or a gut wrenching situation. Yeah and like generally what people in in that type of pain ask themselves as three questions. The last himselves. Why me why this. Why now and if you answer that in your content or your piece of content you'll have a successful post that for two sep specifically or i mean in general if you don't answer that on a sales letter if you don't answer that inside of a webinar if you don't answer that in an email like you're not gonna have success because you're not telling them you're not answering those questions you're in the business solving problems and those are the three biggest problems that people ask and i always say you know. Think about what problems you can solve. That are bleeding neck problems. Sounds like you know. What has the most urgency in people. And how much are because people would pay anything to to fix your trouble bleeding neck right right urgency room like there's no. There's no price tags on the door now. People just do it. They need to do it no matter what the bill is going to be. You know And that's totally around offer creation. We're talking about content and and watch but you'd so essentially We're kind of getting off off the rails of like direct and indirect to step posts. And that's that's me. I knew that was like a different type of variant of two posts. I've always done indirect once. It's never like hey want us to do your launcher podcast. And fourteen days Done for you like just comment below. I've never done that before now. I probably should just just get the conversation going. Yes so you can. I mean you'll get less comments. Generally then giving away something free like we can get thousand comments on something depending how big the group is if we're giving away something free i've had. I think i have a post. That did three thousand comments I think the groups like seven or eight thousand now but.

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