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Natick Chris samba WBZ Boston's news radio the man who detests the limelight and says his report speaks for itself will be in the limelight tomorrow for the world to see taking the microphone on Capitol Hill former special counsel Bob Muller will testify before two committees on his report on Russian meddling in the twenty sixteen elections but with the D. O. J. issuing a mandate to Muller last night that his testimony must remain in the boundaries of that public report some wonder what light if any will be shed CBS news Washington correspondent Paula read looks at the politics of it all whether the dems are the Republicans will have the upper hand both sides have an opportunity here Democrats can really try to drill down on the president's fitness for office on these questions of obstruction or whether the president was trying to undermine democracy but I think Republicans could win this hearing here's how pack your questions with quotes from the text messages between Peter stock and lease the page the two investigators who are having an extramarital affair but were disparaging Canada job orders during the investigation WBZ newsradio will bring your wall to wall coverage starting early to Morrow the first round is underway at eight thirty in the morning tomorrow we will also stream is always on the I heart radio wow and you can ask a laxative please play WBZ newsradio on on my car it's four oh eight were done for the day on Wall Street this is news with Tracy John kia Bloomberg Laurie stocks were flying with the help of record breakers like Hasbro and coca Cola and the word that the US and China are going to resume face to face trade talks as soon as Monday the Dow was up a hundred seventy seven points nasdaq up forty seven SMBs up twenty points delta is planned to make Logan airport one of its hubs doesn't worry jet blue the airline says is committed to winning in Boston delta.

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