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So this is a music related stuff. So is anybody follows that knows? I have this weird affinity for like spaghetti, western music in like have wanted to do like spaghetti, western rock band. We have a handful of tracks up on ample tunes that are kind of in that realm. So I ordered a, it's pretty much a baritone guitar because like any more Coney who's like the guy who did the soundtrack for all of the old Clint Eastwood movies and stuff. He did kind of invented that genre of music, and there's a lot of weird instruments which will include a a, like the old Fender bass, six, which is just a baritone six string bass guitar. So the vintage modified line of squire, which are actually really good. I used to work at a music store and I was always impressed Squires may, but the vintage modified stuff is really good in. It's the only thing. Currently out there that approaches it. So so I electric guitar. Squire strat the, some of them are really good. Like I mean, I'm I have a ton of relate nice, expensive guitars and instruments fenders, and Gibson's, and all of that. But the the old affinity like the old affinity Squires are pretty good and the the vintage modified stuff is really like, I remember always being impressed with him. So I ordered this a Fender bass, six baritone, and it just showed up the morning right before the podcast why few minutes late. So I haven't even opened yet. So, yeah. Under some some funky western music. Cool, sweet. I think that about does it for this week. I do want to say a huge. Thank you to everyone who joined us in the light. You can join us normally Thursday at ten AM and we are looking forward to having you there as well answering your questions live, and I do want to say thank you to our patrons on patriot if you'd like to find out more patriot dot com forward slash creator collective. And we will see Nixon, tell him at wonderfully. She She letter. later. Thanks again for listening to the creator's collective. We published weekly on Thursdays and I to Stitcher and Google play. You can follow us on social media pages everywhere at creators collected. We're also live streaming every week on Thursday, ten AM eastern time. Just look up the YouTube channel to join in on the fun of the live chat and get your questions answered live and until next time keep on creating.

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