Morales, NPR, John Thompson discussed on Morning Edition


In research business marketing or community based. Groups what I wanted to do is try to get set up to give us. Advice on the census, and also help us get. The word that important Chipper sensors that was former census bureau director John Thompson before he left the bureau last June. He helped start the plans to create this committee now NPR, has obtained a, letter from the bureau that confirms those plans have been stopped instead the agency is going to rely on, advisors from To existing committee said focus on scientific issues and on racial ethnic in other, populations don't wanna knock because I think they're really good but I. Don't think that you would get the full breadth of potential users and stakeholders the stakes facing the twenty twenty cents is our high they count determines how many. Congressional seats and electoral college votes each state gets and it's why Mark morale president of the national urban league and chair of the. Twenty ten cents is advisory committee thanks that not creating a committee for twenty twenty well that's really think state Morales says he's especially concerned that the upcoming census will be the first one in, the US to be conducted online plus there is, a new citizenship question added by commerce secretary Wilbur. Ross, who oversees census the question has sparked six lawsuits from dozens of states cities and. Other, groups that one it removed because census bureau research Suggests it could discourage non-citizens and harm the headcounts accuracy or else says. A new advisory committee could help the census bureau.

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