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I seen one where it was a sleep. Study they while the person was. They made a tone and then they put a fragrance so one tone had a good fragrance one tone how to bad fragrance and then whenever the people woke up and they did the same study they only same tones. Yeah so what the big tone you would see them. Take an inhale and with the nasty tone. They would like hold their breath so so. That's something that just had a fumble. What does that mean that. I can't remember. What does it imply that. I don't know your i mean your senses are just comparing like you're you're hearing versus your smell sense. Here's your smell would definitely override or it works whenever you're not conscious so like your words smell. Your sense of smell has like a deeper connection to that lizard. Brain lutheran lizard brain the big worm. Yeah but yeah what like. I won't crystals to be real. Yeah i mean. I'm not saying they are not understand. Like i just need more research now. Don't even need more research. Man's wanted to do more shit to me. Yeah i have a whole life surrounded by crystals should get a bigger one like a life sized human. You should get like a life true right. Just get something about me. I like going through school and stuff. I was surrounded by clean hippies man which is my favorite kind of hippie. We're good group of people. Yeah it's my favorite guy man like like like all the stuff just taking a shower. Yeah you don't smell like ten day old potentially like i said i've never missed anything more than live music right now just like feeling the base filling and then feeling everyone else around you. That's the best part. Yeah there's a thing. Camera was called synchronicity. This there's something with a group of people a collective consciousness when a group of people come together hive mind. Fan yeah trimming. That's a cool thing to be a part of especially when it's when it's when it's resonating vibrating to like to like a high vibration and everyone is there and everyone's giving to it. It's good to flip side of that. Is the mob mentality. Yeah someone snaps in. Yeah freak the fuck out and that split like like riot angry behind whenever things start swarming like one person sends off that like scared signal. Ants do at bees. Do people do it. Yeah that's the riot. You take each individual. That's in a riot separate on their own accord. Like oh man. That was weird. What did you throw a rock in small business. That had nothing to do with whatever they're pissed off. You know what. I mean like this angst and you just like they have to do something. So it's kind of crazy how that collective consciousness so it's kind of it is cool to be part of it when flow in the good in the good the hamlin that kitchen good kid so i went to georgia southern university. That's where that's where. I got my undergraduate degree. Yeah well boop milledgeville. Is that in. Milledgeville statesborough georgia near savannah. And i never forget it. Because i grew up in the inner city because it has connotations but grew up in the greater metro politics atlanta area. I wasn't lying. I would just say i was just saying. They didn't grow up in the projects or anything. But i did grow up in like the inner city of atlanta. That's the greater metropolitan area. Technically right and if you don't live in georgia it's just atlanta atlanta for miles. The state is just as either south georgia. North georgia early anna. So yeah right how close you are so i was. I went from that environment with all the bad gangster stuff around me and then so i drove to georgia southern which is in south georgia near the coast. And i'll never forget us. A we drove a drove for three four hours three hours through woods through interstate. That just goes to like woods. There's even there's not even two lane road right. Say no interstate. There's not even road. Signs rhodes on billboards. There's enough traffic to put billboards there so a super boring but i got off the exit to you like go to the school and this is actually before like iphones and stuff. So like i had to like right down the direction. I think printed map quest. Yeah there we go remember that if you guys are listening for mapquest like they were wrong with you. Yeah we miss you. But they were wrongly ninety nine percent of the time but this time it was right so i got off the exit the exit off interstate to go to georgia southern cottonfields used to like. I have some cotton in my car picked up on the side of the road. You just like. I want some of that. You just drove by and i was. I pulled over on the side of the road. And just like illegally stole piece of is speaking of olfactory doug ford's farts man dog for it. I guess that's the theme of the show. Something that i have recently found. I not i used to. I had mentor of mine. Call at your strongroom. Strong-rooms who's in your strongroom. Because like we're all people. We all have vulnerabilities and downs. And key goes and all the things that come being the human. Who's in your strongroom. Who can you go to like. It's metaphorical room. Is that a real room. But like you don't think of as a metaphor like who's in there that's gonna lift you up to the truth in the not hits you with us. Negative bullshit riley. Who's in your strongroom So i've that's a big thing who's in nearly. Who do you lean on. You actually say things to where you can be vulnerable and allow that space to be created have been a positive when you walk out of the strongroom which is a very important part because a lot of people have. I wouldn't call it a strong. And they have the room. Yeah call their bullshit bullshit. Revenue left with a more bullshit. They walk out. And there's like what the fuck. Yeah they user just worse. Like so like i've been clearing out my strong real like i sold my business my financial situation. Everything has changed right. That's a whole new. You know has been great. I've seen who's here for me for money Which has been interesting. Yeah i've seen here for me for just my general kindness or like just things that they need for me and they don't reciprocate they don't actually care about me. There is a user relationship now. I'm all about being nice and kind helping people but like when like you don't care about me you only care about. Oh you provide for them. Oh i provide awesome words and kindness and solitude and strength in or whatever i mean use the word kindness or whatever but like when i am in a predicament like no fox are given. So i've been cleaning out my strong room and seeing who is actually in there and they're like oh it's been it's been wild man like all right thaad. It is birthday day was linked to that links in germany. You gotta do contact. And it's pro ports. Throw your pearls seven years. Good stuff. Seven years mess it up bourbon cool. Yeah so this seventeen hundred zero. I've been told that this is the jam so into the liquor store and got some so funny story. I didn't tell so went. Part in this guy was like displaying. The liquor store guy. So i walk in. He lives real trendy hip surgery like. He had a mustache. The head twisty special cream. he definitely has some. He has some sav in his mustache hair. In so i was like. Hey man. i've heard this bourbons. Pretty good seventy which is fantastic by the way And it's only like twenty. Three dollars was was told to get it. So i was asking him about it and he was like dude. This is what he said he was like mom in. That's one of my my man. That's my favorite juices that we sell assurances at the scene. Yeah actually. I just didn't want to hear frigging kidding music anymore. I'm pretty damn. I listen to stuff. That's good pretty good. You mean but sometimes but he likes the same shit over and over literally on playing in old town road weird thing. They're like watch. Two hour movie started again. Yeah so i think not even joking. I think it was an old town road.

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