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The reason why we prefer to to protect the lives of the unborn. But we do have to recognize one religious to every argument that I'm making and that is the innate value of human life. That is a religiously based argument. These are just a collection of great. Tell me how you get a defensive Hitler out of that. I I mean, it's implausible, obviously because Ben Shapiro has been attacked by anti-semites more than any journalists. This is not like me just saying it. It was a study done by antisemitic attacks on journalists in two thousand sixteen and he was attacked by more than any other journalists in existence the idea that he could be some pro Hitler guy or some he so fanatic that he would let the holocaust happened to not let a woman have an abortion or whatever the accusation is they're all absurd. So so let me tell you what what's what's happening here. And why these things are put out and then they say, oh, I'm really sorry. Because it doesn't matter the retraction doesn't matter. The image is already in your head. So if you don't know Ben Shapiro, and you hear that Ben Shapiro was defending Hitler by saying nobody should kill baby Hitler because he's he loves Hitler. And that's the spin. You have even if you hear a few days later. That's not true. That's still that's still that that is seared into your head because it's an outrageous statement and an outrageous position. So that's seared in your head. Remember, you don't really know? Ben shapiro. You're not really following Ben Shapiro. You don't really care about this. But you saw someplace I read someplace that. He's like a big anti Semite. You get enough of those you all of a sudden start to say adventure Peres is the bad guy. You don't know him. You've never heard of him. You've you've never met him. You've never seen him. You don't know anything about him except all of the falsehoods that have been put out. Yeah. That's this information. Miss information. Is a mistake misinformation. Something sorry. We made a mistake. This information is intentionally put out there, you there's no way any journalist or anyone could possibly make.

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