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Do you think it's more likely now that paul manafort will face pretrial detention i think it's very likely that manafort will face pretrial detention i've never seen a prosecutor who wasn't outraged judge who didn't share at least some of that outrage when a criminal defendant who's been told he can't commit any new federal crimes or any other crimes at all well on release when he goes out and tries to tamper with witnesses that calls the integrity of the criminal justice system into question our trials are predicated on the fact that witnesses will go in and testify truthfully and jury can reach a conclusion about what really happened in a situation where the government has charged criminal conduct so this sort of thing that manafort has done really strikes at the core of what the criminal justice system is supposed to keep from happening i think he goes to jail well joyce fans to touch we're trying to nick ackerman thanks to each of you up ahead giuliani turning his sights in personal tacked on stormy daniels saying she's not credible because of her job i'm sorry i don't respect a porn star the way i respect a career woman or women of substance or woman who has great respect for self as a woman and today democrats taking trump to court for profiting off the presidency we have the senator leading that very case on the tonight and trump standing by an embattled cabinet official who's become a poster boy of the swampy swamp ism and later art of the deal co author tony schwartz says trump is playing on emotion and you have to understand it to fight it i'm ari melber you're watching the beat on msnbc.

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