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Here we are I'm Cameron Close Zach dually is the rain insider. He's here as well. Big Exciting episode we put out the call and the listeners came through. We have a plethora of questions for you today that we will answer as part of our rain mailbag I'm excited to get into it could take two segments as we wanted to. that's that's the hope is that we're going to retake two seconds to got Matt Millar the. Rain Goalie Coach on the show today on the program it'll be our guest he'll be our interview but before we get to that, are you doing Well, thank that's a question for me. That's one down recovering from your chirp about my glasses on social media. I think they're they're pretty good sized personality. They're above average throughout normally large but I guess we'll see if anyone asked that question a big buddy Holly Fan Zach that's the way I can always look at it but nobody asked that. They didn't ask what I was allergic to either so that'll be another day. Plenty of questions to get before we do that. Out crying support for the draft, a Bingo board is going to push that into fruition. So we've already come up with a list of twenty five to thirty we're going to. Whittle that down we're GONNA put get something. Nice. Made an.

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