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Where do you think he's from he's from Hilo Hawaii there's a called strike from the a native of the Big Island on the outside to Alex Dickerson left versus left or is it from yeah Hilo Hawaii now he truly is it yeah now slide through the inside and that's a called strike what you just guessed Hilo Hawaii you were you're well we had the chi careers from Hilo a cold ones brothers from Hilo so we mention boy he was a very popular now throws a fastball at ninety four on the outside of the needs for strike three call so it was just a wild guess that John was gonna direction he's only been mentioning where the guys from if he's from Hilo yeah so I I sort of fell into line with other T. and it was not a sweater you're gonna miss boom another home run for K. in the run yeah here is the bond and the it's a hard ground ball to third to his left Catherine up with it the throw to first and he got a new bond is now over three hit the ball hard his first two times in one night with a ground out here the giants retired the the Big Island prodigy co to Darren's twenty three years old and we had to the six leading now the giants are leading six to one of the cambiar northern California Honda dealers radio network a chain company we found an engagement ring that I absolutely love they have the best warranty in the industry the other jewelry stores we went to one of the charges for the warranty and that didn't even cover the center stone I love my ring it's beautiful from every angle even.

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