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Is listening to fox news hello Americans I'm Todd Starnes with news and commentary Baxter hi this is Todd stars and popes liberty university believes a private Christian education should be affordable to everyone that's great right it doesn't matter if you're from California or main or anywhere in between you may qualify for up to twenty thousand seven hundred eighty dollars over four years through liberties middle America scholarship for more information text M. A. S. to the number eight three nine eight five eight today again that's MA as to the number eight three nine eight five eight there's a controversy at the university of southern Maine over an art exhibit that includes a desecrated Bible the exhibit features toward pages from the Bible painted to resemble the lake of fire the artwork is part of an exhibit called on holy Bible created by a student who identifies as an atheist university depend of the art display siting board of trustee policy two one two they say the student has a right to create content that might be offensive to other people so would the university of southern Maine displayed in art exhibit that desecrated the Koran or disparage the prophet Muhammad that's doubtful the truth is university administrators an atheist are terrified of the pending any other religious groups except for Christians and Jews and I suspect the university of southern Maine when faced with that decision would rather tear up board of trustee policy too wide to that a copy of the garage I'm Todd Starnes Gaidar inviting you to join me.

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